The new French government under an all-powerful Macron

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The announcement of the composition of the government to serve under France’s newly appointed prime minister Jean Castex was largely a reshuffle, but with a few notable new arrivals, including the controversial figure of lawyer Éric Dupont-Moretti who was appointed as justice minister. It is also marked by the reinforcement of allies of former president Nicolas Sarkozy to key posts. Ellen Salvi reports on the comings and goings, and analyses the process by which President Emmanuel Macron, with his appointment of Castex, has largely effaced the remaining power of the post of prime minister, and significantly increased his own.

Macron tightens his grip with change of prime minister

France— Analysis

The composition of a new French government was announced on Monday evening, following the appointment on Friday of a largely unknown senior civil servant and longstanding conservative, Jean Castex, as France’s new prime minister. He replaced Édouard Philippe, who served in the post since Emmanuel Macron’s election in 2017.  Mediapart political correspondent Ellen Salvi dresses here a portrait of the new prime minister, and chronicles the tensions that led to the departure of Philippe.

The collateral upset of Brexit for Europe's Greens


The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union this month was accompanied by the departure of the 73 British members of the European Parliament. The vacuum and partial redistribution of seats has caused a significant upset for the assembly’s Green members, who now find themselves overtaken in numbers by the far-right, reducing their budget and above all their clout in voting on legislation, notably regarding the raft of future policy measures for the Commission’s major “Green Deal” programme. Amid this collateral damage from Brexit, the Greens are urgently seeking new alliances, even eyeing a deal with Italy’s populist Five Star Movement. Ludovic Lamant reports from Brussels.

Amelie de Montchalin named new French European affairs minister

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The MP and former insurance firm executive replaces Nathalie Loiseau in a mini-reshuffle two months before the European elections. 

Macron party chief made interior minister in government reshuffle

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A much-awaited French government reshuffle, finally prompted by the resignation of interior minister Gérard Collomb but which followed a string of political upsets for President Emmanuel Macron this summer, saw the appointments on Tuesday of five new ministers, including Macron's party boss and former socialist Christophe Castaner to replace Collomb, and a former conservative filling the departure of scandal-hit culture minister Françoise Nyssen. 

Macron government reshuffle delayed until weekend

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A much awaited reshuffle of Emmanuel Macron's government, prompted by the surprise resignation last week of his interior minister, has been postponed until after the French president returns on Friday from a visit to Armenia, prompting speculation over disagreements with his prime minister.

Macron appoints socialist in minor government reshuffle

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France's Socialist Party has moved to expel Olivier Dussopt, a 39-year-old specialist in regional affairs, after he was made junior minister in the public accounts ministry led by former conservative Les Républicains party member Gérard Darmanin, who Dussopt had recently had fierce exchanges with in parliament, in a minor reshuffle of centrist President Emmanuel Macron's government.

French government reshuffle sees former PM return as foreign minister

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Jean-Marc Ayrault, President Hollande's first PM, is among nine new government members, including Green party leader Emmanuelle Cosse.

French government tipped for reshuffle

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Foreign minister Laurent Fabius is expected to leave government in the reportedly imminent reshuffle decided by President François Hollande.

French prime minister wins vote of confidence

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Manuel Valls won parliament's vote of confidence in his new reshuffled government by a majority of 25, with 269 votes for and 244 against.

Why Hollande's ruling majority has dissolved into an imposing minority

France— Opinion

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday handed President François Hollande the resignation of his entire government following fierce public criticism of its austerity policies made this weekend by economy minister Arnaud Montebourg and education minister Benoît Hamon. The exit from government of Montebourg and Hamon was joined by culture minister Aurélie Filippetti, who announced on Monday her own opposition to continuing austerity measures. Hollande has asked Valls to appoint a new government, to be announced on Tuesday, that is "consistent with the direction" set by the president. In this analysis of a unique set of events since the founding of France’s Fifth Republic constitution in 1958, Mediapart political affairs correspondent Hubert Huertas argues that Hollande has turned a ruling majority into such an imposing minority that a return to the urns is demanded.

France names Pellerin to crucial trade post

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Head of Socialist Party Harlem Désir is made junior minister for Europe as President Hollande and new PM Manuel Valls complete reshuffle.

French government reshuffle imminent

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President Hollande met at length Monday with his prime minister ahead of what is expected to be a major shake-up of government posts.

France's Hollande said to back away from reshuffle

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The president, who hinted in May that changes to his ministerial team were likely, will instead urge ministers to focus even more on key issue of jobs.

France ups the ante in EU tax evasion battle after scandal

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Ministers say they are looking to tighten Europe-wide measures against tax evasion as it scrambles to contain the Cahuzac fraud affair.