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France's farewell to Resistance hero Hubert Germain on Armistice Day

Hubert Germain, the last surviving member of the Order of the Liberation who died last month, will be buried with a Cross of Lorraine, symbol of the Resistance.

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Hubert Germain, last of elite group of Resistance fighters, dies

Germain, the last surviving member of 1,038-strong Order of the Liberation, dies at the age of 101.

The extraordinary tales of wartime resistance on the French Caribbean island of Martinique


French Resistance heroine Cécile Rol-Tanguy dies aged 101

Cécile Rol-Tanguy, who joined the WWII French Resistance movement against German occupation and who along with her husband Henri became a prominen tmember, died on Friday at the age of 101 at her home in central France, just as Europe commemorated the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi forces.

French president François Hollande adds resistance heroines to Panthéon

Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz and Germaine Tillion become third and fourth women interred among 74 men in mausoleum of honour.

France's Panthéon to honour four Resistance heroes

President Hollande said the four who opposed wartime German occupation 'embodied the values of France during their time on earth'.

President Hollande visits gas chamber to honour Jews

President urged vigilance against resurgent anti-Semitism as he visited Natzweiler-Struthof, the only Nazi concentration camp on French soil.


French WWII Resistance hero Jean-Louis Crémieux-Brilhac dies aged 98

A key member of General de Gaulle's Free French Forces in London, Crémieux-Brilhac later led a career in politics and as a historian.

Not enough - French feminists react to women resistance fighters in Panthéon

Activists said they hoped for more after news that Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Antonioz are to be placed in the Panthéon.

Red Army veteran, 93, searches for lost French love

Nikolai Vasenin, who fought for the French Resistance in World War II, is searching for the woman with whom he fell in love in France 60 years ago.

Wake's ashes to be scattered in France

New Zealand-born WWII French Resistance and SOE heroine Nancy Wake, undercover courier, saboteur and spy, has died in London aged 98.