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Extra aid for French restaurants and bars hit by Covid-19 measures

After growing protests by restaurant and bar owners angry at imposed early closing hours for their businesses in Paris and other cities considered to be hotspots of a rapid rise in novel coronavirus infections, the French government on Tuesday announced they will receive emergency relief funding, an extended period of payment to laid-off staff, and tax breaks.

The poison of sexual harassment in French cuisines

In the male-dominated world of French restaurant kitchens, women struggle to find a place amid widespread sexual harassment and assaults and a culture of bullying, according to gender equality campaigners.

‘Doggy bag’ law introduced in France

Larger restaurants now obliged to offer doggy bags under new rules that aim to reduce annual seven million tonnes of food waste in France.

French food waste report urges restaurants adopt doggy bag

Government-commissioned report on tackling vast food wastage urges the hitherto unthinkable introduction of the doggy bag in restaurants.

French chefs give thumbs down to 'homemade food' label for restaurants

A new French law demands that restaurants indicate to clients whether their food is homemade or prepared industrially off-site.

Hamburgers invade sit-down restaurants in France

The huge popularity of the burger in France is largely due to demand from customers eating in rather than from takeaways, say researchers.

French restaurants where your looks decide your seat

Two Parisian restaurants are said to seat guests according to how good-looking they are to raise the tone of the establishments.

French law to expose restaurants' 'homemade' microwave meals

MPs vote to force restaurants to identify meals made on their premises with "homemade" label in bid to highlight bought in and warmed-up meals.

Michelin guide puts France back on top

France has caught up with Japan in the number of restaurants having three Michelin stars in this year's edition of the celebrated food guide.

France forces chefs to confess boil-in-the-bag fare

One of France's darker culinary secrets is that anyone, until now, could open a 'traditional' restaurant with little more than a microwave and a grill.