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How millions of euros donated to rebuild Notre-Dame are to go on administrative costs

By Pierre Januel
Notre-Dame cathedral on May 7th 2019, three weeks after the fire. © Document Mediapart Notre-Dame cathedral on May 7th 2019, three weeks after the fire. © Document Mediapart

Mediapart has seen a copy of the provisional report by France's audit body, the Cour des Comptes, into how the 833 million euros raised in donations to restore the famous Paris cathedral that caught fire in April 2019 are being spent. The report, which is still confidential, makes clear the watchdog's dismay that not all of the money – some of which comes from individual donors around the world - is being used solely for the reconstruction work. Various foundations are taking a cut in administrative fees and and even the state is getting a share of it. Pierre Januel reports.

Notre Dame to be restored to pre-fire appearance

French President Emmanuel Macron has arbitrated in the year-long debate over the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral, which was severely damaged by fire in April 2019, with a decision to return it to exactly how it was before, including its 19th-century landmark spire that was destroyed in the blaze, after several architectural projects had proposed a modern rfeincarnation, including a swimming pool on the roof.

Head of Notre Dame restoration work says deadline could still be met

General Jean-Louis Georgelin, who is co-ordinating the project of restoring the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral  in Paris, says that delays, including that caused by the coronavirus epidemic, could still be overcome to return the building 'to a place of worship within five years'.

Notre-Dame apostles come down to earth for clean-up

In their first return to earth in more than 150 years, bronze statues depicting the 12 apostles and the four evangelists from the New Testament have been removed by a giant crane from Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris for a clean-up of the effects of pollution and weather, part of an 11-million-euro restoration of the Gothic landmark.

Salavaged French C17th shipwreck to be rebuilt after freeze-dry operation

A 17th-century French ship that sank in the Gulf of Mexico amid a campaign to colonise Texas is to be rebuilt after a complex freeze drying operation.