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Why so few French jihadists have returned from Syria

Ruins in the Syrian city of Raqqa, once a bastion of Islamic State. © Reuters Ruins in the Syrian city of Raqqa, once a bastion of Islamic State. © Reuters

Following the military rout of the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria and Iraq, large numbers of French jihadists were forecast to return home. But in fact, those who have made the journey back represent relatively few of the estimated 700 who joined the ranks of IS in the Middle East. Since 2016, just 64 men and women jihadists have returned – and only seven so far this year. One principal reason is the logistical difficulties for those fleeing the zone and the high fees demanded by people smugglers. But the situation presents a potential security threat in that those who escape by their own means can become invisible to intelligence services.   Matthieu Suc reports.


France prepares return of cultural artefacts to Africa

The French government has appointed a French art historian and a Senegalese scholar to lead a feasibility study into an initiative by  President Emmanuel Macron to return African cultural artefacts currently held by museums in France, a move that one French historian said will 'make European curators quake in their boots'.

Rare cello robbed at knifepoint returned to French musician

Award-winning cellist Ophélie Gaillard was robbed by a knife-wielding thief of her 18th-century cello, estimated to be worth 1.3 million euros, outside her home in the Paris suburb of Pantin on Thursday, but after an impassioned appeal for its return relayed by social media she received an anonymous call to inform her it had been placed in a car in front of her house, where she found it.

People-smuggling gangs circle as migrants return to Calais

After the mass displacement last year of thousands from the notorious makeshift 'jungle' camp near the French Channel port of Calais, where for years migrants gathered while hoping for a clandestine passage to the UK, smaller numbers have begun returning to the zone where people-smuggling gangs are again closing in.

Sacked leftist French economy minister hints at presidential challenge

Arnaud Montebourg, 53, who lost his ministerial post for outspoken anti-austerity criticism of socialist government, has announced his return to political fray.

Eagles of Death Metal return to scene of Paris concert massacre

Before performing at U2 gig, the US band paid hommage at Bataclan theatre where terrorists killed 90 people during their performance.

Replica of French frigate that fought in 1780 US independence war arrives home

The Hermione, whose namesake carried the Marquis de Lafayette to fight the British, received a hero's welcome on return to Brest after US tour.

Russian sailors to leave France amid suspension of warship delivery

French shipbuilder DCNS said the 400 sailors training on a helicopter carrier that France is refusing to deliver to Russia would soon return home.

France blames Turkey for 'jihadist' bungle

Three French alleged jihadists expelled by Turkey arrived unchecked in France after they were sent on a flight to Marseille instead of Paris.

Nicolas Sarkozy announces his return to active politics

Former French president used Facebook to declare his bid to become head of the opposition UMP party, ahead of presidential elections in 2017.

Kidnapped French priest freed in Cameroon arrives home

French president Francois Hollande personally greets priest and praises his 'courage' during seven weeks captivity in hands of armed group.

French 'Violet Rally’ to call for Sarkozy return

Vice-president of right-wing UMP party plans to hold a string of demonstrations to call for return of the man he dubs 'the right’s natural leader'.

Sarkozy raises prospect of again running for presidency

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy says he may be forced by 'serious events' to run for president once again in 2017, 'for the sake of France'.