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The forgotten wartime persecution of France's 'nomads'

By Pierre-Yves Bulteau
The site today of the camp de la Forge at Moisdon-la-Rivière, in north-west France. © PYB The site today of the camp de la Forge at Moisdon-la-Rivière, in north-west France. © PYB

The shameful mass internment of gypsies in camps across France between 1940 and 1946 remained a largely forgotten wartime episode until it finally received official recognition three years ago. Later this month, as part of that process, a ceremony will take place in homage to those who were placed in one of the camps, at Moisdon-la-Rivière in north-west France, where some died from the dire conditions. Pierre-Yves Bulteau traces the history of the persecution, and interviews survivors and witnesses of the horrors at the camp for "nomads" at Moisdon-la-Rivière.

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Fake news sparks anti-Roma violence in France

French police called for calm and said crowds had been attacking people in Paris suburbs they believed were responsible for rumored abductions.

Mother jailed as mayor seeks to clear beggars off Nice's streets


A pregnant young Roma mother has been jailed for a year in Nice after being convicted of mistreating her children on the Mediterranean city's streets. Human rights and Roma groups see a worrying link between the woman's arrest and conviction and a campaign by the right-wing mayor Christian Estrosi to clean up the city's streets for the tourist season, and claim the authorities have sought to make an example of her. Louise Fessard reports.

Hollande acknowledges France's role in WWII Roma internment

French president made comments in speech to 500 people at Montreuil-Bellay, the largest of 31 camps in which up to 6,500 Roma were interned.

French Roma gypsies block major motorway to Calais with burning tyres

Protest aimed at getting prisoner, whose father was among those killed in Roma camp earlier this week, released for funeral.

Police dismantle France’s oldest Roma slum

Officials said northern Paris slum with its ramshackle huts, home to around 300, posed a health and safety risk to the community.

Four dead in shooting at Roma camp in France

The dead at the camp near Roye in the Somme in northern France include a six-month-old baby and a gendarme.

Revealed: mayor who refused baby burial has history of anti-Roma sentiment

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Christian Leclerc, the mayor of Champlan near Paris who provoked a media storm last weekend when he refused to allow a Roma baby to be buried in his town, has form when it comes to antipathy towards the community. Since the controversy Leclerc has sought to portray himself as a victim of the media and political opponents and claims he has been misrepresented. But Mediapart has got hold of a recording of a recent council meeting in which the mayor denigrated the Roma people in his area. He also wrote a letter to local residents in which he fuelled their fears over a suspected case of tuberculosis. Carine Fouteau and Ellen Salvi report.

Roma baby to be buried in France as inquiry launched

Mayor of Champlan denies refusing to bury baby but apologises as saga continues to spark row and child is buried in nearby town.

French mayor refuses to bury dead Roma baby

Right-wing mayor of Champlan near Paris provoked outrage for blocking burial of the baby, who will now be laid to rest in neighbouring town.

French MP fined for saying 'Hitler maybe didn't kill enough Roma'

Centrist politician Gilles Bourdouleix, who is also a local mayor, lost an appeal against conviction for condoning a crime against humanity.

In the Paris suburb where a Roma boy was lynched, sympathy is hard to find


A 16 year-old Roma boy beaten unconscious by a lynch mob on a sink estate in the Paris suburbs remained in a coma in a Paris hospital on Wednesday, when doctors said he was uncertain to survive the multiple injuries he sustained. Suffering notably from severe fractures to his skull, the teenager was found dumped unconscious in a supermarket trolley beside a main road after the mob of masked individuals kidnapped him from the makeshift camp (pictured) his family and other Roma were living in. Carine Fouteau reports from the run-down housing estate, where she found few people among its multi-ethnic population prepared to openly condemn the horrific events.

Roma youth in coma after lynching by Paris sink estate vigilante mob

The 16 year-old, suspected of stealing, was severely beaten in a cellar before being abandoned in a supermarket trolley beside a main road.

Video shows French police 'stealing' a Roma family's mattress

Vidéo dans l'article Vidéo dans l'article

A video obtained by Mediapart shows three police officers removing a mattress from members of a Roma family who are living rough on a Paris street. The incident passed off without incident or even raised voices, either from the family or the officers. Indeed, the episode happened so quickly and so calmly that many passers-by walked on with barely a second glance. But as Carine Fouteau reports, with no clear legitimate reason to take the mattress, the officers are perilously close to being guilty of theft. The incident, which took place at a time when the police in a nearby district were being instructed to “evict” Roma people “systematically”, highlights what some call the regular “harassment” endured by such families.

Paris police memo calling for Roma eviction ‘rectified’

Original memo caused row after it said Roma families needed to be 'evicted' from well-heeled district of French capital.