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French student, 27, missing for nine days in Italy found dead in ravine

Simon Gautier, who was studying art history in Rome, was last heard alerting emergency services in a call in which he said he had suffered a fall while trekking a remote area near Naples and had broken both legs.

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France recalls ambassador to Italy over diplomatic row

Move came after Italian deputy PM met French 'yellow vest' protesters near Paris and France warned him not to interfere in the country's politics.

Paris-Rome refugee dispute awakens dark colonial legacy

Populists in Italy have accused France of continuing to colonise many African states.

French rogue trader Kerviel to be freed from jail

Court rules that 'rogue trader' who lost his bank nearly five billion euros can be freed on Monday, after serving 100 days of a 3-year term.

Scandal-hit Vatican bank turns to French financier for redemption

Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, the former head of Invesco Ltd.’s European business, is to take over running of bank where profits fell by 97%.

Convicted trader Kerviel says will return to France after all

The trader, 37, who was convicted in 2010, decided to return to France after trek to Rome and is soon expected to start 3-year jail term.

Former trader Kerviel faces jail as lone walk to France ends

Convicted SocGen trader, returning after a long trek to Rome, has been ordered to attend a French police station where he is set to be jailed.

Thousands march in Paris against austerity, economic reforms

Demonstrators showed anger over President Holande's 'pro-business' measures with slogans such as 'When you are leftist you support employees'.

Blast targets French interests in Rome as Hollande meets Pope Francis

A small bomb exploded in central Rome near a French foundation and cultural building just hours before the French president's visit to the Vatican.