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Macron, Johnson give conflicting accounts of fishing row meeting

French President Emmanuel Macron's staff said that his meeting on Sunday with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the row about post-Brexit fishing permits for French fishermen ended with agreement for more talks, while Johnson's staff denied the claim and said Macron had been told it is for France 'to step away from the threats they have made in recent days'.

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UK PM Johnson says relations with France are in 'turbulence'

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said relations with France are fraught with 'turbulence' as diplomatic tensions mount in a post-Brexit dispute over the number of permits to be granted to French trawlers to fish in UK waters.

France slams 'totally unacceptable' UK rights for French fishermen

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned that Paris could seek 'retaliatory measures' through the EU amid renewed tensions over limited post-Brexit fishing rights now granted by the UK to French trawlers.

French 'philosopher' disowns son over autobiographical novel

Jean-Paul Enthoven, 71, has publicly disowned his equally famous son Raphaël, not for previously stealing his ex-girlfriend Carla Bruni, but for writing a book he says has left him 'heartbroken', slamming it for revealing people’s private lives in public.

Macron loudly berates Israeli security staff at Jerusalem church

During a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, French President Emmanuel Macron loudly reprimanded Israeli security officers who he accused of violating rules that prevent them from entering the Crusader-era Church of St Anne, which is considered French territory.

Macron backs down in face of anger over WWI tribute to Pétain

A tribute, as part of ceremonies in honour of French WWI Marshalls, to General Philippe Pétain, who commanded French forces at the 1916 Battle of Verdun before leading France's collaborationist regime during German occupation of the country in WWII, will now not be held after President Emmanuel Macron came under fierce criticism for his comments that it was 'legitimate' to honour 'a great soldier' despite his later shame.

Tensions flare as Paris and Rome row over migrants intake

Italian economy minister Giovanni Tria cancelled planned talks in Paris on Wednesday with his French counterpart while in Rome France's ambassador was summoned to a meeting with the foreign ministry amid the row sparked by President Emmanuel Macron's sharp criticism of Italy's decision to refuse entry to migrants aboard an NGO sea rescue ship.

French beheading: suspect confesses to boss's murder but motives unclear

Yassin Salhi has 'confessed' he wanted to kill himself and dress it up as terrorist act, as police wonder if it was not 'just a simple criminal act'.

Sacking of Islamophobic French TV political commentator sparks free-speech row

Right and Left denounce sacking of right-wing polemicist Eric Zemmour by French TV channel i-Télé for reported Islamophobic comments.

Right attacks new French education minister over gender stand

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem last year backed an experimental reform for primary schools aimed at overcoming gender stereotyping.

British cabinet minister further fires Anglo-French diplomatic dispute

UK Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps claims François Hollande has run the French economy 'into the sand', ahead of a bilateral summit.

French sports minister denounces 'disgusting' Anelka gesture

French footballer Nicolas Anelka appeared to make an inverted Nazi salute, known as the 'quenelle', after scoring a goal for his English club.

France, Germany warn anti-terrorism cooperation hit by NSA scandal

François Hollande and Angela Merkel lead a push at the EU summit in Brussels to reshape transatlantic spying and agree a new code of conduct.

Britain and France in pre-EU summit spat over regulations curb

Paris has warned that reforms of EU social and employment legislation, encouraged by London, went too far in dismantling social protections.

French academia in war of words over plan to teach in English

Government  ministers have been accused of sabotaging the French language by relaxing a ban on English being used in French universities.