Donors pledge 1bln euros of aid for Ukraine in Paris conference

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An international donor conference in Paris on Tuesday racked up substantial promises of financial and in-kind support for Ukraine in response to sustained Russian aerial bombardment of critical infrastructure that has plunged millions of civilians into deepening cold and dark.

Retired French lieutenant general slams Europe’s ‘tragic’ military capacity

Défense et diplomatie — Interview

The war in Ukraine has both demonstrated and heightened the dependence of European countries on US military support, while also creating divisions in their defence strategies, notably between Germany and France. In this interview with Justine Brabant, retired French army lieutenant general Jean-Paul Perruche, who served at a senior level in NATO and as director general of the European Union military staff, offers his analysis of the challenges now facing Europe. He argues why it must build a structure to allow for common military autonomy with pragmatic plans to deal with future threats. “It’s really quite pitiful that we are incapable of doing anything, whereas we have four times the budget of the Russians,” he says. “It’s tragic.”

How France has lagged behind allies over military aid for Ukraine


On Monday October 10th the Élysée announced “new measures to support Ukraine militarily”. Two days later President Emmanuel Macron said France would be sending air-defence systems to the country after the recent Russian missile attacks. Up to now the French government has concealed exactly how much military support it has given to Kyiv since Russia's invasion in February, justifying this on the grounds of operational secrecy. However, a think tank has now detailed the military aid that all countries have given to Ukraine, and these figures show that France trails behind other key allies. Justine Brabant and Donatien Huet report.

France’s TotalEnergies faces legal case for 'fuelling Russian planes'

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French energy giant strongly denies claims it exploited a gas field used to manufacture kerosene that was used by Russian planes in their bombings in Ukraine.

Macron under fire for spelling out response if Russia goes nuclear

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French president said Paris would not trigger a nuclear response if Russia launched such a strike ‘in Ukraine or in the region.'

How a German army designed not to fight now aims to be 'biggest NATO force in Europe'

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The German military or 'Bundeswehr' is under-equipped, used only for deployment in other parts of the world and is currently incapable of defending its own territory. In essence, the army in post-reunification Germany was designed for peace - not war. Now the conflict in Ukraine and the threat from Russia have changed all that and authorities in Berlin are planning to build the “biggest conventional European army within NATO”. Thomas Schnee reports from Berlin about Germany's shift away from pacifism.

Macron calls for Russian troops to leave Ukraine nuclear plant

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Ukrainian and Russian officials have traded accusations over who is responsible for attacks close to the nuclear plant in southern Ukraine.

Macron interview: Russia 'will use gas as a weapon of war'

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In the Bastille Day interview the president also called on the French to reduce energy use and waste saying that using less energy was a good thing both "for the climate and also for our energy independence".

'Bloodlands' author Timothy Snyder on why Russia’s war against Ukraine is 'genocide'

International — Interview

In this interview with Mediapart, Yale University professor of history Timothy Snyder, a specialist on eastern European history and notably Ukraine, author of Bloodlands, his internationally acclaimed book about mass murders in central and eastern Europe beginning in the 1930s, argues why he believes Russia’s war against Ukraine amounts to genocide in the full legal sense of the term. He also sketches Ukraine’s long history of resistance to oppression, the singular character of its society, and why it is vital for the future Europe, and even Russia, that Ukraine wins the war.

Macron condemns Russian 'massacre' as EU leaders visit Kyiv

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French head of state was speaking in the town of Irpin while on a visit with the German, Italian and Romanian leaders to show support for Ukraine.

Renault sells its stake in Moscow plant

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Following pressure on it to follow other major western companies in withdrawing business from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, French carmaker Renault has announced the company is to cede its 68% stake in the biggest Russian vehicle manufacturer, AvtoVAZ, but with an option to buy it back within six years.

Le Pen opposes sanctions on Russian oil and gas

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The French far-right presidential election candidate Marine Le Pen, who will face Emmanuel Macron in a deciding vote between the two on April 24th and who has previously shown support for the Kremlin over its conflict with Ukraine, has said she is opposed to sanctions on Russian oil and gas.

Russia 'must answer for crimes' in Ukraine says French president

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Since Russian soldiers pulled out of Kyiv and the surrounding area,  Ukrainian officials say they have recovered 410 civilian bodies. 

Decathlon's French owner finally closes Russian stores

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The decision comes days after Ukraine's foreign minister called for a global boycott of French stores still operating in Russia. 

The damning evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

International — Investigation

Footage from the war in Ukraine, analysed by Mediapart in this video report, shows how, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, civilian residential areas around the country have become the systematic target of indiscriminate bombings by Russian forces, and notably with the use of cluster munitions.