Putin to restrict adoption of Russian children after French gay marriage law

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Russian president says adoption by gay couples goes against his country's values and will seek changes in an agreement regulating adoptions.

Hollande urges Putin on Syria peace negotiations

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Syria and human rights were on the agenda of talks in Moscow between the French and Russian presidents which lasted two hours over schedule.

Depardieu to open restaurant in Russia

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The French actor plans to open the restaurant in the provincial town of Saransk in an effort to integrate more quickly into his newly-adopted country.

Gérard Depardieu denies leaving France over tax

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The actor, who now has a Russian passport, says if he simply wanted to avoid tax rises he would have gone earlier and insists he remains French.

Depardieu shows off his new Russian passport

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Tax exile Gérard Depardieu has shown the press his new Russian passport before dining with President Vladimir Putin at Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Brigitte Bardot threatens Russia move in bid to save elephants

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French cinema icon and animal rights campaigner says she will apply for Russian citizenship unless slaughter of two sick circus elephants is stopped.

Putin grants tax-exile Depardieu Russian nationality

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The actor, who recently announced he was moving to Belgium to flee French taxes, is offered Russian citizenship in a decree by President Putin.

Syria to dominate Paris talks between Holland and Medvedev

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Disagreements over how to deal with the Syria conflict will top the agenda when Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits Paris this week.

Troops from Napoleon’s 1812 Russia campaign buried in Belarus

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An official burial ceremony is held in Belarus for 110 Napoleonic soldiers who died in a major battle in 1812 against the Russian army.

France, Russia draw old swords at 1812 battle

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Mounted French and Russian actors recreate the 200-year-old Battle of Borodino at the gates of Moscow that led to the fall of Napoleon.

France fails to shift Russia's Syria sanctions veto

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During talks in Paris Francois Hollande failed to win the backing of Vladimir Putin for tougher U.N. sanctions aimed at ending violence in Syria.

Russia anger over French arms drop

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Russia rebukes France for dropping weapons for Libyan rebels, saying it violates UN resolutions, and has demanded an explanation from Paris.

Oil giant Total faces $170 billion damages claim

France — Investigation

A Paris court ruling has left French oil giant Total facing a claim for 170 billion dollars (131 billion euros) over a contract negotiated in Russia 20 years ago by a defunct subsidiary. No corporate entity has ever before faced a damages claim for such a huge and potentially devastating amount. Martine Orange reveals a Kafkaesque legal drama with a colourful cast that includes an entrepreneur and former F1 racing driver known as ‘Dédé the Sardine' and the late French novelist Françoise Sagan.

What the Khodorkovsky trial says about Russia today


He has already served seven years behind bars, mostly in Siberia, now he's been given another six. An opponent of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former oil industry oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky (pictured) was found guilty December 27th of theft and money laundering at the end of a second trial. Mediapart editor François Bonnet, a former Moscow correspondent, analyses this defining moment for the future of democratic change in Russia amid a power battle between hardline Putin and reformist President Dmitry Medvedev.

A Gulag Family Reunion (NYT)

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