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Marine Le Pen: who's funding France's far right?

The cash-strapped far-right Front National has been forced to turn to Russian banks to help fund it.

France warns Russia over presidential election hacking attacks

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault gave the warning after complaints by the party of centrist presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron that his campaign was the target of 'fake news' put out by Russian media, including rumours about his private life, as well ascyber attacks on its databases.

Fugitive Russian artist Petr Pavlensky 'to seek French asylum'

The 32-year-old self-styled rebel political artist, who made headlines by nailing his scrotum to the ground in Red Square, says he and his partner fled to France to escape arrest in Russia for the alleged sexual assault of an actress, which he said was a trumped-up charge. 

US, France and Russia should form 'alliance' says Marine Le Pen

Far-right Front National leader urged pact to fight Islamist fundamentalism as she took aim at her chief domestic rival, François Fillon.

Russia and France's Right

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, argues Foreign Affairs magazine, Russia is a hot topic in the French presidential campaign.

France and UK seek EU condemnation of Russia over Syria bombings

Diplomatic sources said Paris and London have also raised the prospect of sanctions on 12 Russians involved in the Syrian conflict, adding them to the EU's list of some 200 people that also includes three Iranians, with similar sanctions against Syrian individuals.

France urges war crimes investigation into Aleppo bombardment

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said bombing of rebel-held parts of Syrian town of Aleppo by Russia and Damascus regime are war crimes over which Paris is to ask the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation.

Russia vetoes French-drafted UN resolution on Aleppo truce

France's  Security Council resolution demanded an end to air strikes and military flights over Syria’s city of Aleppo.

Russian fan leader sneaks back to France after deportation

Alexander Shprygin, arrested in Toulouse only days after he was expelled from the country, is said to have 'crossed the Alps' to return to France.

Official Russian football supporters' head to be deported from France

Alexander Shprygin was among 43 fans held on Tuesday in southern France after serious violence et Russia’s Euro 2016 clash with England in Marseille.

French ambassador to Moscow summoned after Russian fan detentions

After interception of a coach carrying Russian football fans suspected of hooliganism, Moscow warns Paris against a 'significant aggravation' in bilateral relations.

Russia team given Euro 2016 'suspended disqualification', fans detained

UEFA also fined the team 150,000 euros for rioting during match against England in Marseille, while Russian fans' coach was intercepted in Cannes.

More violent clashes in Marseille before England-Russia football match

French media reported three England fans were seriously injured in fierce fighting between English and Russian groups and locals.

Euro 2016 football tournament begins with France win

The four-yearly football championship began Friday in Paris with a peaceful win for the French hosts 2-1 over Romania, while England fans battled police in Marseille.

French MPs back lifting of sanctions on Russia

The non-binding vote supports ending the EU sanctions slapped on Russia after it annexed Crimea and after tension escalated over Ukraine.