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Frenchman among Greenpeace activists granted bail in Russia

Francesco Pisanu and eight other activists granted bail were among 30 arrested for a protest against Arctic drilling at an offshore Russian oil rig.

Greenpeace activist in Eiffel Tower stunt protest over Russia arrests

The man suspended himself in a tent from the second floor of the monument in protest against Russia's detention of 30 of the group's members.

France to probe Vinci corruption allegations over Russia contract

French company denies allegations that it bribed officials to win contract for 43km stretch of toll road linking Moscow to St Petersburg.

Syria crisis: France and Russia admit Syria differences

France's Laurent Fabius says UN report leaves no doubt that Syrian government is responsible for chemical attack but Russians still blame rebels.

French draft, disliked by Russia, would give Syria chemical arms ultimatum

Initial French UN Security Council resolution would require Syria to make complete declaration of its chemical weapons program within 15 days.

The 'series of balls-ups' that led to Hollande's Syria crisis

French president François Hollande has made clear that France will join the US in military strikes against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, dismissing calls for a vote of approval beforehand in parliament. As illustrated in yesterday’s heated debate in the lower house, the National Assembly, political and public opinion is deeply divided, both over the legality and consequences of the planned strikes. Lénaïg Bredoux and Caroline Donati have talked to senior French officials and experts close to the Syrian dossier, many of whom agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity, to find out why Hollande appears to have been finally wrongfooted amid a rushed and chaotic final denouement to a crisis of more than two years, and which one government advisor says is down to “a series of balls-ups”.

Depardieu says 'misunderstood' over leaving France

The French actor insists that he never 'left' his country, and says that despite reports he quit it over tax row 'I love France as much as ever'.

Money laundering fears over French vineyard sales

French anti-money laundering investigators raise alarm over recent Chinese, Russian and Ukranian acquisitions of loss-making vineyards.

Putin to restrict adoption of Russian children after French gay marriage law

Russian president says adoption by gay couples goes against his country's values and will seek changes in an agreement regulating adoptions.

Hollande urges Putin on Syria peace negotiations

Syria and human rights were on the agenda of talks in Moscow between the French and Russian presidents which lasted two hours over schedule.

Depardieu to open restaurant in Russia

The French actor plans to open the restaurant in the provincial town of Saransk in an effort to integrate more quickly into his newly-adopted country.

Gérard Depardieu denies leaving France over tax

The actor, who now has a Russian passport, says if he simply wanted to avoid tax rises he would have gone earlier and insists he remains French.

Depardieu shows off his new Russian passport

Tax exile Gérard Depardieu has shown the press his new Russian passport before dining with President Vladimir Putin at Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Brigitte Bardot threatens Russia move in bid to save elephants

French cinema icon and animal rights campaigner says she will apply for Russian citizenship unless slaughter of two sick circus elephants is stopped.

Putin grants tax-exile Depardieu Russian nationality

The actor, who recently announced he was moving to Belgium to flee French taxes, is offered Russian citizenship in a decree by President Putin.