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Chechen clashes in Dijon: the anger of local people who felt 'abandoned' by the police

By Nejma Brahim

The normally quiet city of Dijon in east France has recently hit the headlines following an outbreak of extraordinary violence as members of France's Chechen community clashed with residents from local estates. People living in the affected areas have been stunned by the level of violence. Many also say they were abandoned by the police and the authorities and left feeling “worthless”. Nejma Brahim reports.

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Twenty Russia supporters deported from France - but plan to return

Fans were put on flight from Nice to Moscow but say they will come back for Russia-Wales match because their visas have not been cancelled.

Revealed: the Le Pens' third Russian loan

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Marine et Jean-Marie Le Pen, au congrès du FN, le 29 novembre 2014. © Reuters Marine et Jean-Marie Le Pen, au congrès du FN, le 29 novembre 2014. © Reuters

Mediapart has already revealed how France's Front National received a direct loan of 9 million euros from the First Czech Russian Bank, while Jean-Marie Le Pen's election funding association borrowed 2 million euros to Vernonsia Holdings Ltd. Now in an interview with Mediapart the party's founder and honorary life president has confirmed the existence of a third Russian loan to the far-right movement. Le Pen also said that his funding association had borrowed a total of “20 million euros”. Karl Laske and Marine Turchi report.

France's Hollande meets Putin on Ukraine crisis

Hollande, who was in Moscow on way back from trip to Kazakhstan, is most senior Western leader to visit Russia since it annexed Crimea.

Russian woman among dead as train derails in southern France

The tourist train on a small private railway in south-east corner of France came off the rails when it hit a rock that had fallen from surrounding hills.