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Macron wants Belarus opposition to attend next G7 summit

Proposal comes against a background of international outrage over Belarus's diversion of a Ryanair flight on Sunday and the arrest of a dissident journalist on board. 

Ryanair French staff accuse airline of 'redundancy blackmail'

Staff unions in France representing flight crews and cabin staff working for budget airline Ryanair have accused the Irish company of behaving as if it was in the 'Far West' after it announced it was imposing 20% salary cuts for flight crew and 10% for attendants to weather the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Ryanair to cancel 102 flights as French air traffic controllers strike

Budget airline calls on European Commission to take action, claiming it is the 53rd French ATC strike in seven years.

Ryanair urges European Commission to stop French strikes

Airline says it has been forced to cancel 166 flights to, from and over France as French air traffic controllers go on strike again.

Questions hang over Air France after pilots’ strike ends

Dispute could wipe out second quarter profits but some say that failure of striking pilots to win clear victory is good news for airline's future.

Daily cancellations announced as French air strike begins

Ryanair has said 26 flights to and from France will be cancelled while easyJet say a quarter of their flights could be scrapped at start of dispute.

Ryanair hit for 9 mn euros by French court

Judges rule that airline had illegally given French-based staff Irish contracts in order to save money on payroll and other taxes.

Prosecutors say Ryanair broke French labor law

Airline accused of infringing law in contracts with 127 staff at Marseille airport as ruse to avoid paying its fair share of social security and tax.

Ryanair passenger to France allowed on Sweden flight

Investigation starts after professional surfer Toby Donachie, 19, who was supposed to be flying to the south of France, ended up in Sweden.