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Battle over McDonald's 'union stronghold' in Marseille

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A McDonald's restaurant in the north of Marseille faces closure in the coming days as it gets sold to a mysterious new owner. The current owners of the franchise say the fast-food restaurant is closing simply because it has made heavy losses in recent years. But unions and staff insist the sale is simply a ruse to get rid of an outlet whose employees have successfully led many forms of industrial action in recent years, both locally and nationally. As Dan Israel reports, the 70 staff have now made an official complaint of attempted fraud on the part of the franchise owners.

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Fears that 'dangerous' official decree paves way for concreting of French regions


The French authorities have quietly issued a decree to state officials in some regions that allows them to depart from the normal rules when it comes to projects concerned with the environment, farmland, forests, local development projects and urban policy. The rules are being relaxed as part of an experiment to give decision makers in certain regions greater flexibility. But lawyers representing environmental groups say the move could open the way to more projects that cause pollution and are harmful for the environment. One has called the decree 'absurd and dangerous'. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Emmanuel Macron visits hurricane-hit Caribbean islands

French President Emmanuel Macron is on a tour of the French Caribbean islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, which were both devastated last week by Hurricane Irma, promising aid to rebuild homes and infrastructures, while controversy continues over his government's management of events before and after the disaster.

Macron to visit devastated French Caribbean islands

French President Emmanuel Macron is to leave Paris late Monday for Saint-Martin, one of the French Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma, amid a growing political row over France's management of the crisis.

Irma-battered French Caribbean islands escape second hurricane

Category four hurricane Jose has passed more than 100 kilometres away from the Caribbean islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, where Hurricane Irma last week wreaked devastation and left tens of thousands homeless before moving on towards the American continent.

Hurricane Irma: nine dead, seven missing in French Caribbean islands

As hurricane Irma moves north-west towards Cuba and the Bahamas, the French authorities said the death toll had risen to at least nine people with another seven missing on the devastated islands of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin, with an estimated 80,000 left homeless on Saint Martin, where the French overseas territories minister Annick Girardin said she had witnessed looting.

Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc on French Caribbean islands

The eye of the category five hurricane struck Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy overnight, with recorded gusts of more than 360 kilometres per hour, flattening buildings and trees and causing severe flooding from raised sealevels and giant waves.