'Yellow Vests' stage national meeting as movement faces 'turning point'

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At the end of January 75 delegates from 'Yellow Vest' groups around France met at an 'assembly of assemblies' at Commercy in the north east of the country. From April 5th to 7th some 300 delegates will converge on a community centre in Saint-Nazaire in the west for a second such national assembly. The three-day gathering based on “exemplary fraternity” has required lots of last-minute local preparations and comes at what some describe as a key point in the protest movement's short life. Pierre-Yves Bulteau reports.

World's biggest cruise ship sets sail from France

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The one billion dollar, 16-deck Harmony of the Seas has left the port town of Saint-Nazaire for its maiden voyage to Britain.

French defence minister says Russia may never receive Mistral warships

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Jean-Yves Le Drian's comments came days after President Hollande said France would postpone handover of first ship because of Ukraine crisis.

Russian warship-to-be draws crowds in French port

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A mass of grey steel, the superstructure of the French-built Vladivostok looms over Saint-Nazaire where Russian sailors receive training.

Russian sailors get French warship training

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Around 400 Russian sailors are in France for training on warship that France is selling to Russia despite US concern over Ukraine crisis.

France spurns call to take over Saint-Nazaire shipyard

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Ministers dismissed call to nationalize the shipyard but say they are committed to its survival after South Korean shareholder threatened to sell its stake.

Struggling French shipyard awarded 1bln-euro cruise liner contract

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The last remaining major French civil shipyard has won a contract of more than a billion euros to build a liner for a Miami-based cruise company.