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French firms face fines over gender pay gap

Men are still paid on average 9% more than women in France despite equal pay laws going back 45 years.

Cut! France to clamp down on salaries paid to big-name actors

The Centre National du Cinéma, which funds state films, wants to make movie subsidies dependent on keeping stars' wage bill down.

Salary software system leaves angry French troops unpaid

French defence minister promises that a software problem behind non-payment of salaries to French military will be fixed by Christmas.

Hollande spurs action on youth jobs plan

Ministers are fast-tracking the launch of a scheme to create 150,000 state-sponsored jobs for youths, to tackle France's rampant unemployment.

Revealed: the inflationary payroll at 'cost-cutting' French Senate

French Senate president Gérard Larcher entered office on a high-profile campaign to cut spending and impose budgetary discipline within the French parliament's notoriously lavish upper house. Mediapart this month obtained access to the payroll of the president's private staff, and it reveals anything but austerity. The average monthly salary is 8,500 euros while his principal private secretary earns more than 19,000 euros, just a few hundred euros short of the pay of French Prime Minister François Fillon. Mathilde Mathieu and Michaël Hajdenberg report.