Same-sex marriage

Anti-gay marriage movement back on the streets of Paris

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The movement that unsuccessfully opposed a 2013 reform to introduce same-sex marriages in France held its first demonstration in two years on Sunday in Paris, which police estimated drew 24,000 while the organisers claimed an attendance of 200,000.

The obscure allies of France's anti-gay marriage movement


The movement that led opposition to France’s law allowing for same-sex marriages, which was introduced in May 2013, called its supporters back on the streets of Paris on Sunday, in a test of its strength to influence conservative candidates in next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. While calling for a repeal of the law, it more realistically also targets, among other issues, adoption rights for gay couples and their access to artificial reproduction methods and surrogate pregnancy. As Lucie Delaporte reports, the largely right-wing and Catholic movement called ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ is, a fact unknown to many in France, part of a broad alliance of similarly-minded campaigning groups across Europe, the United States and Russia.

Marseille official sentenced for refusing to perform same-sex marriage

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Assistant mayor Sabrina Hout was given a five-month suspended prison sentence and fined for not performing ceremony for two women.

Sarkozy criticised by allies over pledge to repeal same-sex marriage law

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Several conservatives close to the former president have attacked the pledge he made during campaigning for election as UMP party head.

Sarkozy comes out against France's same-sex marriage law

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The former French president, campaigning for leadership of his conservative UMP party, had previously come under fire for dodging the issue.

Protesters take to streets over French government's ‘familyphobia’

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Demonstrators want guarantee that surrogacy and medically-assisted reproduction for lesbian couples will never be allowed in France.

Anti-gay marriage protestors fill central Paris

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Police said 150,000 people attended a Paris march against France's newly-introduced same-sex marriage law, while organisers claimed one million.

Topless feminist in mock suicide stunt inside Notre Dame

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Militant's torso carried the message 'May fascism rest in hell' in the stunt one day after a far-right historian shot himself dead at the cathedral's altar.

French anti-gay marriage historian kills himself inside Notre Dame

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Dominique Venner, 78, shot himself through the mouth at the altar after calling for more radical action in opposition to same-sex marriage.

The sad stories from the Paris refuge offering a lifeline to rejected young gays

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Over the past eight months France has been locked in a fiercely divisive and often violent debate over the government’s same-sex marriage bill, which was finally enshrined into law last Saturday by President François Hollande. Gay rights groups have denounced mounting homophobia amid the hot contestation to the law, while opponents are due to stage a further mass protest in Paris on May 26th. Le Refuge is a national association that offers shelter, medical services and psychological counselling to youngsters who have been rejected and often made homeless by their families because of their homosexuality. It has seen a surge in requests for help since the debate kicked off in earnest last autumn, increasing five-fold over the same period one year earlier. Marine Turchi visited the association’s Paris centre and heard the distressing stories of those for whom it offers a lifeline.

Hollande signs same-sex marriage bill into law

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The French president has signed into law a bill contested by the opposition making France the 14th country worldwide to legalise gay marriage.

France's Constitutional Council approves same-sex marriage law

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The Council rejected a UMP conservative opposition party appeal against the bill passed in April, and which will be enacted into law next week.

Putin to restrict adoption of Russian children after French gay marriage law

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Russian president says adoption by gay couples goes against his country's values and will seek changes in an agreement regulating adoptions.

Can France find reconciliation after gay marriage divisions?

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The same-sex marriage bill's passed, but the deep social and political divisions surrounding it will prove a challenge to resolve.

Hollande calls for calm over gay marriage law

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President François Hollande has urged France to put the divisive gay marriage debate behind it, calling for 'calm, understanding and respect'.