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Gay couple marriage and adoption rights 'a principle akin to abolishing the death penalty'

E. Binet. E. Binet.

This week, the French government approved the text of a bill of law to go before parliament that will give full-blown marriage and child adoption rights to couples of the same sex. One of President François Hollande’s election campaign pledges, the bill is bitterly opposed by the conservative opposition and France’s Roman Catholic Church. The leading opposition party, the UMP, has promised to reverse the legislation if it is carried, and a significant number of French mayors have warned they will refuse to marry same-sex couples. The bill will be presented before parliament by socialist MP Erwann Binet (pictured). In this interview with Mathieu Magnaudeix, he argues why the proposed law is an important step forward for French society, as a matter of principle, and why he is confident it will be enacted, with or without the cooperation of mayors.   

French cabinet approves same-sex marriage bill

The French government approves bill to go before parliament that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.