When French club PSG recruited youth players according to ethnic origin

France — Investigation

Talent scouts for French club PSG were required to detail the ethnic origins of potential youth recruits as an essential criterium in the club’s selection of players in a blatant discrimination policy that lasted over several years until this spring, Mediapart can reveal. As a result, a youngster now considered to be one of France’s most promising players was disregarded by PSG on the grounds of his black skin.   

French judge probes Catholic Church cover-up of child abuse

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Victims claim church figures in Lyon failed to report a priest, who is accused of sexually abusing minors between 1986 and 1991, to police.

Huge storm prompts flight of 15,000 scouts and guides from French summer camp

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The teenagers, attending an open camp near Strasbourg, were evacuated to a nearby arena just minutes before fierce winds damaged the site.