Second homes

French tax on non-resident EU national's secondary homes ruled illegal

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European Court of Justice ruling makes France liable to reimburse 'social charge' applied to capital gains from sale or rental income.

Britons face tax hike on second homes in parts of France

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Finance minister confirms France will add extra 20 per cent to 'taxe d'habitation' on second homes in sought-after areas of France.

British PM 'reassured' over French tax grab on holiday homes

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David Cameron has been “reassured” by President Hollande over plans to levy punitive new taxes on British owners of French holiday homes.

French to tax foreign second-home owners

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UK citizens who own homes in France may have to pay substantially more in tax in that country, under proposals announced by ministers.

Sarkozy drops tax plan on second homes

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Controversial plans that would have led to French expats and foreigners with second homes in France paying a new tax on their properties is scrapped.