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PSG beefs up security at players' homes after robberies

Football club PSG announced it was reinforcing security around the homes of its players after intruders broke into the house of the father of team captain Marquinhos and the apartment of winger Angel Di Maria while the two were playing a match on Sunday.

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Macron loudly berates Israeli security staff at Jerusalem church

During a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, French President Emmanuel Macron loudly reprimanded Israeli security officers who he accused of violating rules that prevent them from entering the Crusader-era Church of St Anne, which is considered French territory.

Macron's knockout win at G7 summit in Biarritz – the snuffing out of protests

A protest involving portraits of President Emmanuel Macron held at Bayonne near the G7 summit on August 25th 2019. © Yann Levy / Hans Lucas A protest involving portraits of President Emmanuel Macron held at Bayonne near the G7 summit on August 25th 2019. © Yann Levy / Hans Lucas

The main 'counter summit' to the recent G7 gathering took place miles away from the French resort of Biarritz, towns were locked down, and some protestors were banned from the area. The result was low-key, small-scale opposition to the meeting of international leaders, representing an undeniable success for the French presidency. Christophe Gueugneau and Elisa Perrigueur report.

Tensions mount as Biarritz placed in lockdown for G7 summit

The town of Biarritz in south-west France is already the scene of unprecedented security measures ahead of the G7 summit to be held there next weekend, with some locals complaining that its summer season economy is being hit, while the authorities, fearing violent protests, have ordered that a counter-summit organsied by leftwing groups should be held 30 kilometres away in Hendaye, on the Spanish border. 

Minister says continuing French protests have created 'monster'

Ahead of what are forecast to be a major demonstrations on Saturday by a grass-roots movement of often violent protest over the living standards of middle-income earners, France's interior minister has announced 'large-scale security measures' in Paris, including the deployment of armoured vehicles, in face of what he said has become a 'monster' that has escaped the control of those who initiated the nationwide contestation.

Macron talks security with African leaders

French president held talks at the 31st African Union summit taking place in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott.

India and France sign security deal with China in mind

Under deal signed by prime minister Narendra Modi and President Macron, each country will open its naval bases to warships from the other.

Striking French prison guards clash with riot police

Violent clashes between prison guards and riot police erupted on Friday outside the vast Fleury-Mérogis prison near Paris on the fifth day of national industrial action by jail staff across France protesting at undermanning and security, as news emerged that inmates had attacked and wounded staff in a prison in Corsica.

France deploys massive security presence on streets over Christmas

A total of 97,000 security personnel from the police and armed forces are being deployed across France over the Christmas period in what the interior ministry described as “the context of a still-elevated terrorist threat”.

India and France agree greater military and anti-terrorism ties

Meeting in New Delhi on Friday, Indian defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman and he French counterpart Florence Parly agreed to increase anti-terrorism cooperation defence ties, including greater industrial and research involvement by India in French weapons sales to the country, notably in an expected second order of Dassault Rafale fighter jets.

Greenpeace militants enter French nuclear plant in safety protest

A group of eight Greenpeace militants broke into a nuclear plant at Cattenom in north-east France early on Thursday, where they let off fireworks in a filmed protest to highlight what the organisation says are inadequate security measures to prevent malicious attacks.

Security issues at the fore as France goes to urns

As voting in the first of a two-round presidential election begins in France on Sunday, the shootings in central Paris on Thursday which left one police officer dead and two others wounded, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, terrorism has led the agenda of the closing campaigns, notably among rightwing candidates.  

French army trains eagles to attack drones

Following a similar programme in The Netherlands, the French army has successfully trained Golden eagles to bring down small drones after multiple security alerts involving flights of the radio controlled miniature aircraft over sensitive locations, including the Elysée Palace and nuclear power stations. 

Eiffel Tower to be shielded by 2.5m glass security walls

The barriers costing some 20 million euros will be erected this autumn at the northern and southern ends of the monument area.

France tightens New Year's Eve security

Some 10,000 police officers to be deployed in Paris region alone with 600,000 revellers expected to gather on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.