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Champagne and thousands of police: French toast 2016 under tight security

French capital abandons traditional firework display on Champs Elysées, calling in no fewer than 11,000 police to patrol the festivities.

France steps up security for churches

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has announced tightened security over the Christmas period for many of France's 50,000 churches.

France to boost security measures at churches during Christmas

Interior minister urges local parishes to strengthen protection measures next week; in April a plot to attack a church near Paris was foiled.

COP21 climate summit opens in Paris amid high security

Negotiators have vowed to forge ambitious climate deal to honour the 130 people killed in the November 13 attacks that shook French capital.

Nearly 1,000 people denied entry to France since Paris attacks

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said they had been barred because of risk they could represent for 'public order and security in our country'.

France outlines security plans for Paris Climate summit

Police and soldiers will patrol the site of the conference at Le Bourget and private vehicles will be banned from some Paris roads.

France 'will respect financial commitments' despite extra security spending

Economy minister Emmanuel Macron made pledge despite France's plans to create 5,000 jobs in security forces and avoid defence spending cuts.

France to tighten train security in response to attacks

After thwarted attack in August, rail security officers will now be able to deny travel permission to anyone who refuses luggage search.

France train attack: Europe 'to tighten rail security'

French interior minister announces increased identity and baggage controls at stations and more police patrols on board international trains.

EU ministers to discuss station scanners in wake of France train attack

Interior ministers hold security summit in Paris to formulate co-ordinated response to threat of an atrocity on Europe’s rail networks.

France and Britain sign deal to beef up security to contain migrants in Calais

Migrants in Calais chanted 'We are not animals' as French, UK ministers announced new measures including a joint 'control and command centre'.

UK, France ministers to sign Calais migrant security agreement

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his UK counterpart will meet in Calais on Thursday over new deal to contain migrant crisis.

Heavy security for Paris 'Tel Aviv on Seine' event

The day-long celebration of Israeli city by Paris authorities on riverbanks was met with pro-Palestinian counter demonstrations.

'Two thousand' migrants rush Channel Tunnel in Calais, say operators

UK government unblocks 10M euros for security in Calais while Eurotunnel reports a number of injuries in the incidents overnight Monday.

French PM unveils long-term plan to beef up security forces

Following Paris terror attacks, Manuel Valls said almost 2,700 jobs would be created in a plan to cost 425 million euros over the next three years.