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French ecology minister announces ban on Roundup weedkiller

Monsanto product will be barred from self-service shopping outlets amid evidence that one of its constituents, glyphosate, is carcinogenic.

Police move to clear French dam protest site after council changes plan

After local councillors voted to reduce scale of controversial Sivens dam, interior minister ordered police to remove remaining protestors.

France to pay firm 403 million euros for scrapping ecotax toll

Ecomouv was to run controversial 'ecotax' road toll to raise money to fund rail and other infrastructure projects, but which led to protests.

France blows hot and cold on renewable energy


As France prepares to host the UN Climate Change Conference a year from now, it is trying to put its own house in order and take a lead on cutting carbon dioxide emissions. President François Hollande has called for the country to champion the environmental cause, and a new law on switching to clean energy is being enacted. But when it comes to renewable energies France is lagging woefully behind other countries, apart from its big hydroelectric dams that were built decades ago. As Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard reports, this is largely because of the complex rules and perverse subsidies that throttle solar and wind power while benefiting fossil fuels.

France to outlaw single-use plastic bags by 2016

Proposed law in wide-ranging Energy Transition bill will also outlaw disposable plastic cutlery and crockery by 2020.

French government backs down indefinitely on 'ecotax'

Environment minister favours levy on profits from toll motorways to replace 500m euros lost from planned tax on heavy lorry traffic.

France mulls cost of keeping older nuclear plants

Energy minister Ségolène Royal says if it costs too much to maintain ageing reactors then 'renewable energy' plants would be better.

Little cheer for François Hollande as he celebrates his 60th birthday

With poll ratings dismally low and the prospect of more economic woes ahead, the French president kept a low-profile on his milestone day.

Whiter shade of pale green: France's modest plans for a brave new world of energy use

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The French government’s environment and energy minister Ségolène Royal has just unveiled her plans for what is known as “energy transition” - the move to a society which uses less energy and which switches from fossil and nuclear fuel to renewables. This long-awaited new law, which will be debated by the French Parliament in the autumn, has been touted as one of the flagship measures of President François Hollande's five-year term of office. But as Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard and Dan Israel report, the proposals, while regarded as a step in the right direction, have been widely described as timid and lacking in ambition.

France earmarks 10 billion euros to promote renewable energy use

Energy minister says homeowners will be able to deduct 30 percent of cost of insulation from taxable income to a maximum of €16,000.

French energy minister muddies waters over Alstom

Segolene Royal first supports GE bid for French firm, then backtracks, as she also attacks some male ministers as 'cocksure machos'.

French environment minister dismisses ‘ridiculous rumour’ of cleavage ban

Press reports claim Ségolène Royal, the French president’s former partner, told female ministry staff to adopt sober dress.

Women's Day marked by political catfight in France

President Hollande’s former partner Ségolène Royal is accused by leading conservative opposition politician of relying on her ex to get ahead.

Hollande's partner Valerie Trierweiler in tweet apology

France's first lady admits she made "a mistake" sending tweets aimed against President Francois Hollande's former partner Ségolène Royal.

Valerie Trierweiler’s 'thirst for revenge’ against Francois Hollande’s former partner

New book 'Entre Deux Feux’ portrays France's First Lady as a paranoid woman, who is determinedly set against Ségolène Royal.