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Swiss prosecutors order Platini, Blatter to stand trial over payment

Swiss prosecution services have ordered former French football star and ex-president of UEFA, Michel Platini, and former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, to stand trial over an allegedly fraudulent 1.8-million-euro payment made to Platini by the latter in 2011, a move that has yet to be approved by a federal court.

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Former UEFA boss Michel Platini faces 'fraud' claims over 1.8m euro payment

Michel Platini in Bern, Switzerland, August 31st 2020. © Fabrice Coffrini / AFP Michel Platini in Bern, Switzerland, August 31st 2020. © Fabrice Coffrini / AFP

Mediapart has learnt that the prosecution authorities in Switzerland are investigating the former French football star and ex-head of European football body UEFA Michel Platini for alleged fraud over a 1.8 million euro payment he received in 2011. That payment was made by Sepp Blatter, then head of world football's governing body FIFA, who also faces a similar probe. Yann Philippin reports.

Phone taps reveal Platini counted on Macron for help with legal woes after 'discreet' meeting

 © AFP © AFP

French police phone tap transcripts seen by Mediapart reveal that former football star Michel Platini, who served for eight years as head of the sport’s European governing body UEFA, and who is at the centre of separate investigations in France and Switzerland into corruption and fraud, claimed he had been offered “help” with his legal situation by President Emmanuel Macron. In March 2018, Platini met with the French president at the Élysée Palace when, according to a French journalist and friend of the former France international who was also present, his legal affairs were discussed. The Élysée, meanwhile, has denied any interference with the justice system.   

Judge-led French probe starts into award of 2022 football World Cup to Qatar

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Michel Platini and Nicolas Sarkozy at the Parc des Princes football stadium  in Paris for a PSG match on February 17th 2015. © Reuters Michel Platini and Nicolas Sarkozy at the Parc des Princes football stadium in Paris for a PSG match on February 17th 2015. © Reuters

In June 2019 Michel Platini, the former head of European football's governing body UEFA, was interviewed by police as a witness over the circumstances of the award of the 2022 football World Cup to Qatar. Two former colleagues of Nicolas Sarkozy were also questioned about a lunch hosted for Qatar's crown prince by the French president in 2010, attended by Platini, just days before the controversial vote to give the tournament to the oil and gas-rich state. Now the French financial crimes prosecution unit has launched a judicial investigation into the affair over alleged “corruption”, Mediapart has learnt. Former French football star Platini has strongly denied any wrongdoing. Yann Philippin and Antton Rouget report.

Michel Platini loses appeal and job in Sepp Blatter cash payment case

Ex-France football team star and until now European football tsar lost his appeal and is banned from football activity over suspect payment from FIFA chief.

French Football Federation offices raided in Blatter-Platini probe

French police searched the FFF's Paris HQ on behalf of a Swiss investigation into ex-FIFA head's payment of 2m Swiss francs to UEFA chief. 

Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter given eight-year ban from football

Pair were found guilty of breaches in a 2mln Swiss franc 'disloyal payment' made to Uefa boss and ex-France captain by Fifa chief Blatter in 2011.

Michel Platini facing lifetime ban from football

Fifa ethics unit calls for the ban on former French player and Uefa chief over suspicions about payment he received from Fifa boss Sepp Blatter.

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter says France to blame for US losing 2022 World Cup

Blatter claims that French government under President Nicolas Sarkozy helped turn the vote in favour of Qatar.

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini suspended from Fifa

Ethics committee of world football organisation Fifa suspended its president and vice president as a result of its ongonig corruption investigation.

Blatter's final play: stopping Frenchman Michel Platini from heading FIFA

By Antoine Grynbaum
Michel Platini © Reuters Michel Platini © Reuters

Sepp Blatter, the head of football's ruling body FIFA, and former French star Michel Platini are now in the sights of the Swiss judicial authorities. Blatter is being investigated for “criminal mismanagement”, while questions have been raised over an allegedly “underhand” payment the Frenchman received from the FIFA boss. Football writer Antoine Grynbaum describes how the once-close relationship between the two men turned sour and what it means for Platini's own bid for football's top job.  

French football great Michel Platini named in Fifa scandal

Uefa boss Platini insists that 2 million Swiss franc 'underhand' payment from Sepp Blatter was simply fee for Fifa contract work.

Former French football star Platini to stand for FIFA presidency

Current UEFA president has written to member federations in Europe saying he will take part in election to replace Sepp Blatter in February.

FIFA boss say French and German leaders tried to 'influence' World Cup votes

Sepp Blatter says both French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German president intervened, leading to World Cup being staged in Qatar.

FIFA president says heat demands Qatar 2022 World Cup finals be played in winter

Sepp Blatter, who is to run for a second term of office as head of FIFA, told French radio 'we cannot play the World Cup in summer' in Qatar.