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Hollande vows fight to save Frenchman facing death in Indonesia

French president says that Paris is doing 'everything' to keep Serge Atlaoui alive after he was sentenced to death for drug-related offence.

Indonesia rejects clemency for French death row convict

Clemency bid was final legal recourse for Serge Atlaoui, granted a last-minute stay of action in April over death penalty for drug-related offence.

France's president warns Indonesia of consequences if Frenchman executed

François Hollande spoke of diplomatic consequences if planned execution of Serge Atlaoui over drug trafficking offences goes ahead.

France warns Indonesia of damage to ties over death-row Frenchman

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius says if death sentence is carried out on Serge Atlaoui it will have 'consequences' for bilateral relations.

Indonesian court rejects French man's appeal against death sentence

Serge Atlaoui, who was arrested at an ecstasy laboratory in 2005, now faces firing squad after supreme court bid fails.