How President Macron lost his economic gamble over Covid

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President Emmanuel Macron is said to have taken a “gamble” over health restrictions by not locking down France for the third time when the number of Covid-19 cases started rising once more in January. But the head of state has also gambled on the economy too. The French government thought that it could moderate the impact of the epidemic on economic activity through more limited but longer term restrictions. But as Romaric Godin reports, the French “economic resistance” proclaimed by the government could well turn out to be a painful illusion for the country and its public.

French railways U-turn on cancelled unaccompanied children's trains

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French railways operator SNCF has finally reopened Christmas chaperoned train services for unaccompanied minors which had been cancelled because of continuing strike action against proposed pension reforms, which was notably due to affect children from divorced couples living far apart.

The public sector strike in France: which services will be affected

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The one-day strike of public sector employees in France against government reforms on Thursday will disrupt many services, and FRANCE 24 has drawn up a guide to which sectors will be hardest hit.

French economy 'stuck in reverse gear' in October

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Private market survey reports French manufacturing and service industry activity fell beyond predicted amount in October, despite price cuts. 

Services Boost French Private Sector

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French private-sector growth picked up in August after unexpected surge in activity in the services sector offset contraction in manufacturing.