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France's timid political response to damning report on child sex abuse in Catholic Church

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On Tuesday October 5th a report revealed the shocking scale of child sex abuse inside the French Catholic Church over many decades. The report's authors estimate that 330,000 minors have been the victims of sexual abuse within the church since 1950, a majority of them at the hands of ordained clergy. Since the report's publication the overall reaction from the political classes, both Left and Right, has seemed timid. Some politicians, however, are calling for the courts to intervene and for the church to undergo deep reform. Mathieu Dejean, Mathilde Goanec, Pauline Graulle and Ilyes Ramdani report.

France rebukes bishop who said abuse revealed at confession is 'secret'

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Following  publication of a report about sexual abuse of children by the clergy, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort said in a radio interview that the secrecy of the confession rite takes precedence over the laws of the republic.

French cardinal Barbarin found guilty of covering up sexual abuse

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Philippe Barbarin was handed six-month suspended sentence after the surprise verdict, and says he will resign from his position.

French cardinal admits 'errors' in handling of child sex abuse cases

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Cardinal Barbarin made admission after meeting to discuss claims church failed to report several child sexual abuse cases in Lyon area.

French cardinal apologies to sex abuse victims

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Philippe Barbarin, accused of covering up sexual abuse of children by priests, apologised to victims even though he was not in office at time.

French soldier faces investigation over Burkina Faso child sex abuse

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Special forces soldier, 38, who was repatriated to France earlier in the week, faces probe over sexual abuse of two girls aged three and five.