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Estimated 330,000 victims of child sex abuse in French Catholic Church

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Report said an estimated 3,000 child abusers - two-thirds of them priests - worked in the church from 1950 to 2020.

Prominent French political scientist escapes 'incest' prosecution

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Olivier Duhamel, 71, a prominent and influential figure among the Parisian intellectual glitterati leftist elite who was forced to admit sexually abusing his stepson after the latter's sister revealed the assaults in a book, will not be prosecuted because of the French statute of limitations. 

Sexual abuse: studies suggest lesbians and bisexual women are the principal victims

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A series of studies in France suggest that lesbians and bisexual women are far more exposed to sexual violence than heterosexual women, as a result of sexist and lesphobic behaviour in both their domestic and societal environments. Rozenn Le Carboulec analyses the available data.

Toppled French academic admits sexual abuse of stepson

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Olivier Duhamel , the once senior French political scientist and influential president of a Paris club for the social and political elite, has admitted under police questioning that he sexually abused his stepson when the latter was a minor, confirming accusations made earlier this year by his stepdaughter  and which led to his professional downfall.   

French court rules no rape charges for firemen in 'teen assault' case

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None of twenty-one firefighters accused of raping a girl when she was aged between 13 and 15 can be charged with rape, France's highest court has ruled, but some could face lesser charges of sexual assault.

'Abuser stepfather' case prompts French #Metooinceste wave

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An outpouring of accounts of incest posted in French on Twitter under the hashtag #Metooinceste was reported this weekend, following the publication of a book in France revealing how high-profile academic, constituionalist and media figure Olivier Duhamel sexually abused his stepson, and how the family and friends covered up the scandal.

Trial opens of ex-surgeon suspected of abusing hundreds of children

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The trial of retired surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, 69, on charges of sexually abusing four children has opened in south-west France, while he faces further prosecution after evidence was found by police, including his personal notebooks, suggesting he may have assaulted up to 349 children.

French ice sports federation boss resigns amid sexual abuse scandal

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French ice sports federation chief Didier Gailhaguet on Saturday resigned his post amid accusations of complacency over sexual abuse of athletes after four women ice skaters, including former champion figure skater Sarah Abitbol, alleged they had been sexually assaulted and raped by their coaches when they were minors.

French sports minister urges sexual abuse victims to speak up

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As the world of sport in France was engulfed in scandal over accusations of the covering up of widespread sexual abuse of young athletes, and notably the rape allegations by a former ice skating champion and three of her fellow skaters against their former coaches, French sports minister Roxana Maracineanu on Thursday appealed to 'to all victims, past and present, to speak up so that we can find the offenders and prosecute them'. 

French probe launched into rape claims against figure skating coaches

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The Paris prosecution services on Tuesday opened an investigation into allegations by former world championship bronze medallist Sarah Abitbol that she was raped by her coach when aged between 15 and 17, and those of three other skaters who accused the same coach and two of his colleagues of abuse and rape when they were minors, as pressure grew on the president of France's ice skating federation, Didier Gailhaguet, to resign.

Adèle Haenel: the watershed interview subtitled in English

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A Mediapart investigation published earlier this month revealing the acclaimed French actress Adèle Haenel’s accusations of inappropriate “touching” and of “sexual harassment” by film director Christophe Ruggia when she was a minor has rocked French cinema. Her account, which Ruggia has “categorically” denied, prompted the opening of a probe by public prosecutors, a wave of public support for her from professional organisations and figures in the French filmmaking industry, and pledges to introduce tighter regulations to crack down on sexual misconduct in the world of cinema and TV production. Haenel, now aged 30, also gave a lengthy live video interview to Mediapart, in which she spoke further about her alleged experiences and why she finally decided to speak out, presented here for the first time with English subtitles.

Doctors Without Borders says 19 staff fired over sex abuse cases

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The French-founded international medical aid organsiation MSF (Doctors Without Borders) said it was prompted by the growing scandal engulfing British NGO Oxfam to reveal that it investigated 24 allegations of sexual harassment or abuse last year and which resulted in the dismissal of 19 of its staff.

French Catholic Church in new sex abuse scandal centred on ‘psychoanalyst’ priest

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Over recent months, the French Catholic Church has become engulfed by revelations of paedophile activity by priests who allegedly benefited from protection from their hierarchy. Wide exposure of the cases, some dating back to the 1990s, has led to more witnesses coming forward to complain of sexual abuse by members of the Church. Among the latest cases to resurface now is that of a Paris priest who allegedly engaged for years in the sexual abuse of patients he received as a psychoanalyst. Mediapart can reveal that Tony Anatrella, an advisor to two Vatican councils and who teaches at a prestigious ecclesiastic college in Paris, has never been investigated by the Church despite numerous complaints made against him since 2001. Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Martiniere and Mathieu Périsse report.

France launches criminal investigation into French troops CAR sex abuse claims

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The judicial probe is launched after France was criticised for slow action on claims its troops sexually abused boys in Central African Republic.