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Video of Paris street harasser assaulting woman shocks France

The Paris public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation after CCTV footage from a café was published on social media showing a young woman being assaulted by a man she had objected to after he made lewd comments and gestures while pasing her in the street. 

Abusers of women online are 'getting away with it' in France


An official body in charge of overseeing sexual equality in France has criticised the way that many people are harassing women online “with impunity”. This is despite the many laws that are available to combat such harassment. The Haut Conseil à l’Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes (HCE) points to a trial it carried out in 2017 in which less than 8% of sexist content flagged to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube was taken down. Louise Fessard reports.

Battle against sexual violence at one of France's elite educational institutes

Students from the École  Polytechnique during a Bastille Day parade. © Reuters Students from the École Polytechnique during a Bastille Day parade. © Reuters

The École Polytechnique, one of France's most prestigious higher education institutions, faced calls to tackle issues of sexual violence and sexism among students and staff well before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Some women students have complained of sexist comments and others of sexual assaults. There has been one allegation of rape. Faïza Zerouala reports on attempts to fight sexist behaviour at the elite engineering school where military training is compulsory and which has a “macho” atmosphere.

Trolls force shutdown of French anti-harassment hotline

A phone number launched in France as a tool for women being pestered by over-insistent men has to close after intimidation and death threat.

Thousands take to the streets of France against harassment

Police say around 2,500 mostly demonstrators gathered at place de la République, some waving placards bearing the '#Metoo' hashtag.

France's Got Talent suspended after top judge accused of sexual abuse

Move came after a comedian publicly accused Canadian producer Gilbert Rozon of being an 'aggressor' after allegations from number of women.

France considers new laws to fight sexual harassment and abuse

French MPs to debate measures including a clear age of consent after court dropped rape charge in case involving an 11-year-old girl.

French women flood Twitter to name and shame sexual harassers

Following the Harvey Weinstein affair, a French journalist has urged women to publish names of men who had sexually harassed them at work.

France may ban wolf whistling as it tries to tackle sexual harassment

Suggested laws would also stop men repeatedly asking for their numbers but lawyers fear the offences could be difficult to prove legally.

Five more women tell of alleged assault and harassment by French MP Denis Baupin

Denis Baupin. © Reuters Denis Baupin. © Reuters

Mediapart and French radio station France Inter have received five new accounts of lewd behaviour, including sexual assault and harassment, allegedly perpetrated by French MP Denis Baupin, husband of French housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse. Baupin was forced to stand down as speaker of the French parliament earlier this month after Mediapart published interviews with eight women, including an MP and Green party spokeswomen, who said they had suffered assault and harassment by him. The new accounts given here cover a 16-year period during which Baupin was deputy-mayor of Paris and a leading official with the French green party. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

Ex-French female ministers in joint denunciation of sexual harassment

The 17 women published a tribune slamming existence of sexual assaults and harassment in politics and calling for parties to shame culprits and help victims.

French finance minister admits 'inappropriate' act with female journalist

After earlier denials, Michel Sapin admitted 'inappropriate' conduct at Davos summit, just days after parliament's deputy speaker quit over harassment disclosures.

Paris prosecutor opens probe into Green MP sex scandal case

The move follows accusations relayed by Mediapart and France Inter that Denis Baupin, forced to quit as deputy speaker, assaulted and harassed women politicians.

The sexual harassment accounts that forced French parliament deputy speaker to quit


French Member of Parliament Denis Baupin on Monday resigned from his role as deputy speaker of the lower house, the National Assembly, just hours after the publication of an investigation by Mediapart and France Inter radio in which several female colleagues, including a fellow MP, allege they were sexually harassed by him. Baupin, 53, who is married to housing minister Emmanuelle Coste, last month resigned from the EELV Green party to which all of his accusers belonged at the time of the alleged events. He denies the accusations, which include physical groping and other lewd behaviour and repeatedly sending sexually explicit phone text messages. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

Teenagers sue Paris police for sexual, racial harassement

The school students, aged 14 to 18, claim to have been forced to strip, subjected to anal searches, tear-gassed and racially insulted.