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French telecoms group SFR pays the price of reverse-charges takeover

Patrick Drahi. © Reuters Patrick Drahi. © Reuters

French telecoms operator SFR, which was acquired by the holding company of Swiss-based businessman Patrick Drahi in 2014, is losing subscribers to its mobile- and internet-based services by the hundreds of thousands. The haemorrhage threatens the future of the group, already struggling with heavy debts amid one of the toughest telecoms markets in Europe. Martine Orange analyses the cost-cutting, service-reducing strategy employed by Drahi, a champion of the technique of leveraged buyouts.

French mobile and internet operator SFR 'to cut 5,000 jobs'

Union sources said they were informed by the company, taken over by Patrick Drahi in 2014, that a third of its workforce in France will be cut by 2019. 

France's Numericable SFR makes fresh bid for Bouygues Telecom

Move by Patrick Drahi, owner of Numericable-SFR, to buy rival Bouygues Telecom for 10 billion euros is set to provoke controversy.

French mobile phone operator SFR hit by network outage

About four million SFR clients lost their connections over several hours on Thursday, caused by the malfunction of a 'home location register'.

Orange rules out French telecoms consolidation deals

Decision casts doubts over immediate prospect of reducing number of competitors in the French market in bid to end a bitter two-year price war.

France's Orange 'studying plans' to buy rival Bouygues Telecom

The former France Telecom's move comes as French ministers encourage 'consolidation' in telecom industry from four to three major players.

Vivendi's SFR sold to Numericable

After a month-long fierce bidding war against Bouygues, Numericable buys Vivendi's telecoms subsidiary SFR for 13.5 billion euros.

French telecoms wars not over yet

Head of French public-sector investment body says he would be prepared to back Bouygues in tussle for control of mobile phone firm SFR.

Vivendi picks Numericable for exclusive talks on SFR

Move is blow to telecoms firm Bouygues who had also bid for its mobile phone rival, an option also backed by industry minister Arnaud Montebourg.

SFR buyout threatens to shake up French telecom market

Some observers suggest that the return to just three main mobile phone operators will reduce competition and be bad news for French consumers.

Bouygues ready to sell mobile network in SFR bid

Bouygues Telecom's offer to sell its mobile network to Iliad, owner of Free, is dependent upon regulators approving its bid for Vivendi's SFR.

Vivendi confirms bids for its telecoms arm SFR

If accepted, Bouygues' offer for SFR would reduce the number of players in France’s ferociously competitive mobile market from four to three.

France blames 'malfunction' for jobs figures

Ministers say much of the surprise fall in the jobless total in August was caused by a 'malfunction' in service provided by mobile phone operator.