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Hand of missing Scottish tourist found in shark off La Réunion island

Tha hand of a Scottish tourist who went missing last Saturday while snorkelling off France's Indian Ocean island of La Réunion has been found inside a shark and identified by his wife after she recognised his wedding ring.

Surfer dies after shark attack off Réunion Island

A man has died after his leg was severed by a shark while he surfed off the coast of France's Indian Ocean island of La Réunion on Thursday, the second person to die from a shark attack close to the island's shores this year, and the 24th fatality since a markedly high number of attacks began there in 2011.

Swimmer dies after shark attack off New Caledonia

The male victim was on a sail trip with friends off the French Pacific Ocean archipelago when a bull shark attacked him metres from their boat.

Shark attack: French tourist killed off Reunion Island

The Frenchman, who was on his honeymoon, died after the shark charged him twice in the water off a popular holiday resort.