Sharm el-Sheikh

Climate change: hurtling towards the point of no return

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As the United Nations COP 27 climate conference continues through this week at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, more than 30 media organisations from around the world, including Mediapart, are publishing a joint appeal, in an initiative led by British daily The Guardian, for agreement to be found on urgent action in face of climate change. “The UN process may not be perfect,” notes the appeal, “but it has provided nations with a target to save the planet, which must be pursued at COP27 to stave off an existential risk to humanity.”

French judge rules out new probe into Paris-bound Egyptian jet crash

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Lawyers representing relatives of some of the 148 victims, including134 French nationals, who perished in January 2004 when a Paris-bound Flash Airlines flight crashed into the Red Sea shortly after takeoff announced that they are to appeal a decision refusing the reopening of an investigation into the disaster which earlier found it was due to pilot error. 

French media report black boxes of downed Russian jet 'recorded blast'

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Citing sources close to the investigation, media say flight recorders reveal a loud sound before a 'sudden end' to plane's course above Egypt.