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Three Kurdish women activists killed in Paris

One of the women found dead with gunshot wounds is said to be a co-founder of the militant Kurdish separatist movement, the PKK.

French police to quiz Swiss gunman over Alps massacre of British family

Police investigating the September murders of a British family in the French Alps want to question Swiss gunman who killed three women on Wednesday.

Shooting instructor kills two in France over noisy party

The 49-year-old man had earlier asked his downstairs neighbours in the town of Sete to turn down the music at the party they were hosting.

One man killed in French anti-terror raid

Police question 11 members of a suspected terrorist cell after a series of raids across the country, while another suspect was shot dead in Strasbourg.

Mystery continues to surround UK family murders in French Alps

French investigators still searching a motive for shooting of a British family in the French Alps that left four dead and a child seriously wounded.

French Alps shooting: live update of investigation

Embarassed officials explain why four year-old girl was left hiding under her dead mother eight hours after police found murder victims' car. 

Four dead in French Alps mystery shooting massacre of family from Surrey

Two young girls are the only survivors of a shooting attack on a holidaying family from Britain that left four dead in woodland in the French Alps.

French prime minister defends police handling of gunman Merah

Police had no grounds on which to arrest gunman Mohammed Merah before he carried out three attacks in which seven people died, says PM.

Eighty French nationals 'training with Pakistan Taliban'

Fears of more attacks as senior commander with Al Qaeda-affiliated group says five of them have already completed ther training and left.

How Toulouse shootings have affected the French election campaign

The shooting of a rabbi and three young children at a Jewish school in Toulouse in south-west France and the earlier killing of three off-duty French soldiers have shocked the nation. These tragic events occurred as the presidential election entered its final month, forcing the candidates to reconsider their strategies. Some chose to suspend their campaign, others carried on electioneering. Lénaïg Bredoux, Ellen Salvi and Marine Turchi report.

French police corner school shootings suspect

French police have surrounded a house where a man suspected of a series of deadly shootings in Toulouse and Montauban is holed up.

France ‘poisoned by divisions’ says presidential hopeful after Toulouse shootings

Centrist candidate Francois Bayrou has refused to join other candidates in halting his campaign after the killing of four people at a school.

French election campaign on hold after Toulouse shooting

France effectively put its election campaign on hold after a gunman killed three children and a teacher at a Jewish school.

Four die in Jewish school attack in France

A gunman has opened fire on a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse, killing three children and an adult.