French minister defends decision to detain jeweller who shot robber dead

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Interior minister Manuel Valls says justice must take its course after protests over detention of Stephan Turk, who killed a robber outside his shop.

French Alps murder victim 'recorded all his calls'

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One year after a British family and a French cyclist were murdered near Annecy, British and French investyigators claim 'great advances' in the case.

The migrant workers trapped in slave-like conditions in Greece

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In April this year, the supervisors of a strawberry farm in Greece opened fire on a group of immigrant workers who had demanded to be paid their salaries which had been withheld for six months. The shooting left 33 Bangladeshi workers wounded (picture), eight of them seriously hurt. It also revealed the dire conditions in which thousands of immigrant workers live in Greece, underpaid and often undeclared, with little or no possibility of escaping their exploitation in intensive farming businesses. Charalambos Kassimis is a professor and research director of rural sociology with the Athens University of Agriculture. In this interview with Amélie Poinssot, he explains the rural evolution which created the need for foreign labour, and details how many migrants became trapped in an organised "state of slavery" made possible by a “law of silence” enforced by politicians.

Second arrest after teenager shoots three dead in southern France

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A second person has been arrested in Paris in connection with the apparently random killings near Marseille by a 19 year-old gunman.

Two arrests in Toulouse gunman investigation

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A man and a woman suspected of criminal links with Mohamed Merah, who shot dead seven people in and around Toulouse in March, have been arrested.

Hollande pledges 'relentless' fight against anti-Semitism

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The French president made the pledge alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a tribute to Jewish victims of gunman Mohammed Merah.

Toulouse gunman: the blunders of France's domestic intelligence


French interior minister Manuel Valls last week presented the findings of a damning official police internal investigation into the handling of the case of Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah, a self-confessed jihadist who shot seven dead in a ten-day rampage in south-west France in March, and in which France’s intelligence services have been accused of deliberately hiding their role. Louise Fessard examines the report’s findings.  

French government targets Corsica crime gangs

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The shooting last week of a prominent lawyer on Corsica, the 15th such assasination this year, prompts crackdown on organised crime on the island.

French cyclist 'was first target' in Alps shootings

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A French cyclist was first target of "disorderly" gunman's massacre of four in the French Alps, including three Britons, French press reports say.

Mauritanian president in France after 'friendly fire' shooting

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Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz receives treatment at a French military hospital after he said troops "shot him by accident".

Ex-RAF pilot recounts moment he discovered Alps massacre

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Ex-RAF pilot who found British family murdered in the French Alps tells BBC he feared a "nutter" with a gun was lurking nearby to shoot him next.

Doubts cast on Alps murders media claims

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Media reports on the shooting of four people in the French Alps have been questioned by owners of the campsite where the al-Hilli family stayed.

New evidence emerges in French Alps murders case

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New eye-witness evidence emerges of family massacre that left four dead, including initial crime scene and strange behaviour of victim days earlier.

One gun only used in French Alps massacre

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A single weapon was used in the gunning down of four people, including a British family, in woodland near Lake Annecy in the French Alps.

France vows response as Marseille hit by wave of shootings

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Government rejects calls for the army to be sent in to crack down on drug dealers in Mediterranean port city, but promises a tough response.