The volunteers helping return the bodies of those who died in the Channel tragedy


All of the 27 bodies recovered after the sinking in the Channel last month of an inflatable dinghy carrying migrants attempting to reach the UK from France were finally identified last week, when official permits were issued for their burials. The dead were from seven different countries, to where their families want their remains to be returned. But, as Nejma Brahim and Sarah Brethes report, the French state will only provide for burials in France, and the costs involved of repatriating the bodies are beyond the relatives’ resources.

Who were the victims of the Channel migrant boat tragedy?

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Questions remain over the identity of the victims of the migrant boat-sinking tragedy in the Channel on Wednesday.

Italian freighter sunk in fire off France carried 'dangerous materials'

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An Italian-owned cargo ship carrying thousands of vehicles from Germany to Morocco when it caught fire and sank about 260 kilometres off France's Atlantic Coast on Tuesday, was also transporting 45 containers of "dangerous materials", French regional maritime authorities have confirmed.