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One million people in France quit smoking last year

Health authorities in France attribute the drop to recent anti-smoking measures and higher taxes on cigarettes.

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French health minister mulls ban on smoking in cinema films

France's health minister Agnès Buzyn has said she will discuss with her culture ministry counterpart measures to remove or reduce the appearance of smoking in films as part of an anti-tobacco drive in the country where an estimated 75,000 people per year die from smoking-related diseases.

Hospitals in France to pay pregnant women who stop smoking

Seventeen hospitals across France will take part in a 36-month trial whereby expectant mothers can earn 300 euros in shop vouchers if they give up smoking.

French schools 'allow smoking on grounds' because of terror threat

Union representing head teachers and senior staff says students massing on the street constitutes even higher risk than that posed by tobacco.

Prisoner in France successfully sues state over sharing cell with smokers

The non-smoking man shared a cell of around 20 square metres with up to six fellow inmates, several of whom were smokers.

France bans smoking in playgrounds

Lighting up in the children's play areas of public parks in France is to be outlawed from July, with offenders fined €68.

France announces 1.5-billion-euro anti-cancer plan

President Hollande says plan includes doubling number of clinical trials for cancer drugs and introducing widespread screening for cervical cancer.

Will mooted French ban on smoking in open spaces end up beached?

Health minister wants ban on smoking in open public spaces, including beaches, parks and campuses, but anti-tobacco campaigners are sceptical.

Smokers feel the pinch as France raises taxes

Government targets smokers to help pay off its debt mountain - latest price hike is expected to net an additional one billion euros in revenue.