French rail firm SNCF found guilty of discriminating against Moroccan staff

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Railway company ordered to pay 150 million euros damages to more than 800 contract workers recruited in the 1960s and 1970s.

French railways employee paid 5,000-euro monthly salary 'to stay at home'

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Charles Simon demands compensation after his career was put on ice in 2003 when he was sidelined for revealing huge fraud in the company.

French railways calls for action against Paris-Roubaix riders who crossed tracks

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The celebrated cycle race was marred on Sunday after cyclists crossed a closed level crossing shortly before the passage of a high-speed train.

US and France strike deal over SNCF role in the Holocaust

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American Holocaust survivors who were deported to death camps by French state rail firm SNCF will get compensation from €49m fund.

French rail disaster probe finds tracks 'in state of disrepair'

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Inquiry into cause of Bretigny-sur-Orge derailment near Paris in July 2013, which left seven people dead, points finger at poor maintenance.

French rail strike weakens in its second week

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Railway operator SNCF said only 10.5% of its workforce are continuing with the now nine-day rolling strike over structural reforms.

U.S. in talks with France on Holocaust compensation

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White House warns US states not to take action that could harm talks with French rail firm SNCF which deported Jews to WW2 death camps.

French state railway SNCF to compensate Nazi Holocaust victims

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The move comes three years after railway formally admitted it transported thousands of Jews to their deaths during the Second World War.

How racism by France's railway police goes unpunished


The internal police force run by state-owned railway company SNCF is supposed to protect both passengers and other rail staff from attack or abuse. But officers in one section of the force in the south of the France have been accused of sending a racist text message, playing neo-Nazi songs and mistreating passengers of North African origin. According to documents seen by Mediapart, senior management at SNCF is fully aware of the claims, yet has failed to take any action. Meanwhile one of the officers who was a victim of the taunts has been ostracised by colleagues. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

Union claims Muslim French rail workers 'barred from contact with Peres'

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French rail operator SNCF denies union claims that it barred black and Arab workers from contact with Israeli president during a recent Paris visit.

New low-cost train service launched in France

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French national rail operator SNCF is offering a new low-cost long-distance service to passengers, in bid to compete with budget airlines and cars.

French railways to make yobbish passengers cough up

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French railways operator launches a crackdown on soaring 'uncouth behaviour' on its trains which it says is deterring many people from using them.

French rail companny SNCF pays out after delays cost commuter's job

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A French court has ordered  national rail company SNCF to pay 1,500 euros in compensation to a commuter who lost her job because of delays.