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French socialists' struggle for direction

As far-right National Front party surges in polls for December local elections, French politics are relentlessly driven from the Right, argues NYT.

Poll gives far-right victory in French socialist bastion in December elections

Opinion survey finds Front National party will win Nord-Pas-de-Calais in north-east France from the socialists in year-end regional elections.

France's economy minister sparks new controversy over 35-hour week

New attack on flagship socialist policy by former investment banker Emmanuel Macron leads to new row on eve of party conference.

France's Hollande vows to pursue reform despite election losses

Though ruling socialists lost heavily in Sunday's polls, Hollande says priorities are supporting investment and 'social justice by promoting work'.

Hollande hit by National Front vote in municipal elections

The far-right FN wins its first mayoral seat since 1995 and appears well placed to gain other towns as ruling socialists hit by record low turnout.

Ministers' wealth list to expose France's 'caviar left'

List of ministers' assets could set off a storm on Monday, revealing handful of millionaires in Socialist government as nation endures spending cuts.

Bickering French opposition missing from parliament

With the UMP paralysed by a bitter leadership dispute, the ruling Socialists have pushed ahead with contentious legislation almost unchallenged.

Bernard Kouchner, a minister stuck between a rock and a hard place


Bernard Kouchner was French foreign affairs minister until the reshuffle. It was a largely undignified departure for the former Socialist Party bigwig and humanitarian aid pioneer. In this article first published in September, Thomas Cantaloube, with help of ministry insiders, charts the demise of a man who ended his career as an ineffectual minister serving his former political adversaries.