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Gendarmes still struggle to predict future crime despite new software

By Alexandre Léchenet

Gendarmes in Frances have been testing algorithmic software to see if it will help them predict patterns of offences in their areas and thus help them to cut crime. Despite the claims made for the software, analysis by Mediapart suggests that it has had limited effect, far removed from how it is portrayed in science fiction. Nonetheless, as Alexandre Léchenet reports, the crime 'predicting' tool has now been rolled out for general use by gendarmes across France.

Nearly 1 million vehicles in France fitted with cheating device, says VW

Total of 984,064 cars in France are involved in the emissions-rigging scandal, mostly Volkswagen models, but also Skoda and Seat cars.

France Telecom says software glitch to blame for massive outage

Company says the origin of a problem that left 26 million customers unable to make calls or send text messages was a software problem.