Alleged Somali pirates face trial in France

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Fourth French trial of Somali piracy in the Gulf of Aden may be last given dramatic drop in piracy incidents off Somalia in recent years.

'The breeding ground for jihadists is the denial of democracy'

France — Interview

Four terror attacks on Friday that left scores dead across four countries on three different continents raised speculation that Islamic State had launched a concerted offensive from its Syrian and Iraqi stronghold to mark the first anniversary of its Caliphate. However, an expert on jihadist movements, Wassim Nasr, dismisses the idea that the outrages in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia were part of a coordinated campaign, and says the West still does not understand Islamic State's real strategy. In a wide-ranging interview with Mediapart, the specialist contends that Western states, including France, have themselves created the breeding ground for jihadist groups by backing dictatorships over democratically-elected popular movements. Pierre Puchot reports.

Court tells France to pay damages to Somali pirates

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Human rights court says nine arrested pirates should get thousands of euros because they were not immediately brought before a French judge.

French agent 'killed' by Somalia Islamist group

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Al-Shabab says it has killed intelligence agent Denis Allex, who was their hostage, in retaliation for a failed French operation to free him.

Second French soldier 'dies after Somalia raid'

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Islamist militants say second French soldier was killed during a failed hostage rescue attempt, publishing a purported photograph of the commando.

Hollande steps up France security over Mali and Somalia

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French president orders security to be stepped up around public buildings and transport because of military operations in Africa.

French soldier killed and hostage feared dead in Somalia

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Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says a second soldier is missing after a rescue bid in which commandos swooped on the town of Bulo Marer.