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Corsica, southern mainland France battered by Storm Fabien

The Mediterranean island of Corsica and the south of mainland France have been swept by strong winds and rain causing severe flooding and power outages, closing down roads and an airport. 

Wildfires in southern France contained after two days

One of the bigest wildfires in France this summer, which began on Wednesday in the southern Aude département (county) mobilising more than 500 firefighters, was finally contained on Friday after the destruction of about 900 hectares of mostly pine forest.

Heavy rainfall causes flooding in southern France

Repairs and cleaning operations began Monday after weekend storms across a swathe of S. France damaged roads, flooded streets and swept cars away.

Chechens arrested in southern France for posession of explosives

The five Russian citizens are reportedly connected to organised crime and are not believed to have been planning a terrorist operation.

Five dead, more than 3,000 evacuated in southern France floods

The flooding is considered more serious than the deadly overflows seen in 1999, amid violent storms that have swept the region for many days.

Four dead, three missing in floods in southern France

Days of heavy rainfall followed by violent storms have caused flash flooding, with the southern Var département (county) hit worst.

Five dead, one child missing, in fierce storms in southern France

The victims include a mother and child who died after their car was swept off a bridge amid flash flooding caused by exceptional rainfall.

Villagers rescue elderly British couple walled in their French home

The pair, aged in their 70s, were barricaded in their home in the Pyrenees foothills by their neighbours, also British, over a right of way dispute.

Two dead and 150 evacuated as floods hit southern France

Intense rainfall over SE France, which created powerful waves of water,  has also left 4,000 homes without power with more downpours forecast.

Passenger admits grabbing steering wheel in fatal S France coach crash

A Ukranian passenger of a coach that crashed in southern France leaving two dead has admitted grabbing the wheel during an argument with the driver.

Seven drown off southern French coast

Seven men drowned over the weekend off six different beaches on France's Mediterranean coast amid high winds and strong currents.