A French austerity programme that threatens all of Europe's economies

France — Analysis

Last month, French President François Hollande announced a programme to cut public spending by a further 50 billion euros by 2017, on top of 14 billion euros already set to be saved during 2014. Mediapart economy and finance specialist Martine Orange analyses the potentially disastrous effects that such drastic and unprecedented austerity measures may entail for both France and the rest of Europe at a time when economies across the continent are threatened by deflation.

Spanish boat breaks in two off French coast

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Cargo vessel slams into dyke after 'complete electrical breakdown' in high winds and strong seas off Anglet near Bayonne on Atlantic coast.

The Vichy deportation camp that is a 'permanent stain' on France

France — Interview

A senior figure in the Socialist Party has angrily criticised French culture minister Aurélie Filippetti for allegedly snubbing Rivesaltes, a former internment and deportation camp in southern France which is set to become a memorial in 2015, during a recent trip to the area. The culture minister has dismissed the claims as 'absurd'. To understand the importance of the memorial site behind this political squabble, Mediapart asked historian Denis Peschanski to describe the political and historical issues at stake in a camp that revives some of the worst memories of the Second World War in France. Antoine Perraud reports.

France, Spain bust China-based human-trafficking ring

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French and Spanish police announce arrests of 75 alleged members of a gang smuggling Chinese citizens into Europe and the US.

France and Spain call Google to account over private data 'breaches'

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Spain launches proceedings against search giant for five suspected serious data breaches and France gives it three months to rethink privacy rules.

EU to give France more time to cut deficit

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Reports say France could get an extra year cut its public deficits below the target limit of 3 percent of GDP, while Spain could get longer.

Four dead as forest fires rage on French and Spanish borders

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Four French people have died in forest fires raging between France and northern Catalonia in Spain, the worst in the region in more than 20 years.

France arrests ETA commander and alleged accomplice

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The military leader of the Basque separatist group ETA has been arrested in France along with an alleged accomplice, Spanish officials say.

The massacre of Europe's ancient olive groves

International — Report

They are now about to end their lives amusing the nouveau rich beside swimming pools and on golf courses. The unluckiest will be replanted as zoo-like curiosities in ornamental gardens in northern Europe, even Russia, where the cold and lack of light will turn them sterile. At the current rate of uprooting, these majestic and viable olive trees, many hundreds of years old, some even a thousand years old, will have entirely disappeared from southern Portugal and Spain in the space of a generation. Philippe Riès reports on an ecological and cultural disaster caused by the perverse effects of European Union agricultural policies.