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Topless protesters disrupt Marine Le Pen's May Day speech

Activists interrupted French far-right leader’s address displaying slogans including 'Heil Le Pen' and 'Stop Fascism' on their breasts.

France seeks to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech

President Hollande says new law will make internet operators 'accomplices' of hate-speech offences if they host extremist messages.

Hollande vows to protect every religion in France

French Muslims have the same rights, the same duties, as all citizens' said the French president in a speech at Paris’s Institute of the Arab World.

Outgoing EC President says EU could survive without Britain, but not France

Herman van Rompuy, in a farewell lecture in Paris, said a UK exit would 'wound' the EU, but a departure of France would leave it 'dead'.

Jean-Marie Le Pen says Ebola virus 'can solve immigration problems'

At a meeting in Marseille, the founder of France's far-right Front National party said the virus could save France from 'submersion'.

Paris, Berlin warn Cameron not to 'cherry pick' with EU

Germany and France insist that they both want the UK to remain an active and constructive member of the EU but, they warn, not at any price.

French interior minister claims some civilisations 'superior’

French interior minister Claude Guéant stirs controversy with public claims that some civilisations are “superior” to others.