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Speed caps introduced on e-scooters in Paris

After mounting public concern and anger at deaths and injuries of pedestrians caused by electric scooters in Paris, rental companies have introduced geo-location systems to automatically apply a 10 kph speed limit to the machines in designated busy areas of the capital.

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French road deaths hit 'historic' low as speed limit row goes on

Some 3,250 people were killed in road accidents in France in 2018, 9 fewer than previous low, but many oppose lower rural 80kmh speed limit.

French protest over Macron's new reduced speed limits

Maximum speed will drop to 80kmh (50 mph) from 90mph on 400,000 km of secondary roads which do not have a central partition.

Four die as car with 14 teenage occupants crashes in France

The tragedy in Brittany in west France, which occurred after a late-night party, came as a senior minister called for lower speed limits.