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Phones of Macron and French ministers 'targeted in Pegasus affair'

French head of state and and 15 members of the French government may have been among potential targets in 2019 of surveillance by spyware made by the Israel-based NSO Group, according to a newspaper report.

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French staff among 180 journalists identified by spyware firm clients

Data leak and forensics suggest NSO’s surveillance tool Pegasus was used against journalists at some of world’s top media companies. Mediapart was among those organisations targeted. 

How French officials prepared super spyware well ahead of snooping law


Earlier this month, confidential documents belonging to Italian spyware company Hacking Team were dumped on the internet after a cyber attack against the firm extracted 400GB of data from the its computers. Apart from confirming the Milan-based company’s sophisticated communications interception systems were sold to a number of repressive regimes, they also reveal how the French government had been in contact since 2013 with Hacking Team for the purchase of its flagship computer snooping software Galileo. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports.

Privacy abuse fears as French police launch cyber-spy ops


As of this month, French police and gendarmerie forces are authorised to install spyware on the computers of suspects in investigations into organised crime, a term that ranges from terrorism to illegal immigration. The move has prompted concerns among civil liberties groups and even magistrates who warn that the new powers come with too much scope for abuse. Louise Fessard reports.