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Jewish man stabbed in Strasbourg

The victim, 62, who survived the attack, was assaulted on Friday morning by a man reportedly known for psychiatric problems who shouted 'Allahu Akbar'.

Soldier in France stabbed over 'Syrian bombing'

Soldier in serious condition after being stabbed in southern France by two men who reportedly criticised French airstrikes against IS in Syria.

French train terror attack hero stabbed in California street fight

Police dismissed terror motive in attack on Spencer Stone, 25, who in August disarmed a gunman on an Amsterdam-Paris express.

Man suspected of stabbing soldier in Paris 'known to French intelligence'

The  21-year-old was said to have been flagged up to French intelligence services months ago over fears he had been radicalised.

French police arrest man over soldier stabbing

The 22-year-old man arrested outside Paris on Wednesday morning is said by sources close to the inquiry to be a ‘Muslim radical'.