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French carehome staff in national protest at undermanning, cost cuts

Care workers mounted nationwide protests on Tuesday complaining they are under increasing pressure to cut corners on feeding, cleaning and hygiene care for those living in France's 7,000 nursing homes, and denouncing a government reform of elderly care as further threatening jobs and the quality of services.

Air France-KLM group divided by culture clash says leaked report

A leaked internal report says the national cultural differences between the airline group's Dutch and French staff is so acute that it is uncertain 'whether the alliance can survive given the long-standing mutual incomprehension'. 

HSBC envisages moving 1,000 jobs to Paris in event of Brexit

The bank, which recently announced it is keeping its HQ in London, said global banking and markets staff could move to Paris if UK leaves EU.

Air France sacks four staff for shirt-ripping attack on directors

The airline has also begun dismissal procedures against a fifth employee over violent protests as management announced a plan to cut 2,900 jobs.

Chinese billionaire offers 6,400 staff holiday in France

Li Jinyuan, head of the Tiens Group and reportedly China's 24th wealthiest person, spent 33 million euros for the four-day vacation.

Swiss bank UBS bars staff from travelling to France

Reports say wealth management staff were ordered to stay away from France where the bank is under investigation for helping tax evasion.

Restive staff seize bosses at French Goodyear site

Angry workers holding two managers in 'boss-napping' at factory in northern France are demanding more money in exchange for loss of their jobs.

IKEA France directors questioned by police over client and staff 'snooping'

Directors of the furniture store chain were questioned about allegations the company illegally used police files to spy on staff and customers.