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Banksy tribute to Bataclan dead stolen from Paris concert hall

Thieves have cut out and escaped with an artwork by Banksy which the celebrated street artist had painted on an exit door of the Bataclan music hall in central Paris in tribute to the 90 people who were killed there in a terrorist attack by gunmen during a concert in November 2015. 

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Stolen Picasso cubist work returned to France

La Coiffeuse, stolen from a Paris museum in 2001, was found last year by a New Jersey shipping company after sent in a parcel from Belgium.

Bank of France's stolen euros unearthed in provincial garden

Two sacked employees have been placed under investigation after police dug up a bag containing 500,000 euros at a house in Auvergne region.

France returns artworks stolen by Nazis as Clooney film is released

Three paintings are to be returned to their rightful owners the day before the release of a film about a WWII army unit dedicated to saving artworks.

French quadruple amputee swimmer's wheelchair found

A stolen custom-made wheelchair belonging to Philippe Croizon, the first man with no arms or legs to swim the English Channel, has been found.

Thieves steal French amputee and swimming recordman's wheelchair

Philippe Croizon, the first quadruple amputee to swim the English Channel, has had his unique wheelchair stolen while on holiday in Dieppe.