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Apple turns red over tax protests at its French stores


In an extraordinary move, American tech giant Apple this week applied before a Paris court for a three-year ban to be imposed on alter-globalisation group ATTAC from continuing with its recent demonstrations at the company’s stores in France in a campaign to denounce its tax-dodging practices. Mediapart economics and business correspondent Martine Orange was in court to follow the hearing which, she reports here, has above all served to further tarnish the iPhone maker's image.

Marks and Spencer to close seven stores in France

The British clothes and food retailer announced it is to close seven of its stores in and around Paris which employ about 500 people, just five years after returning to France where it had already closed down its entire retail network in 2001. 

France lets DIY stores open Sundays with strings attached

DIY stores will be exempted from trading ban pending a review, but ministers say they hope opening on Sundays will remain the 'exception'.

'City of Light' to lose its overnight shine

The French government announces move to blackout overnight illuminations of stores, buildings and offices as part of a cost- and energy-saving plan.

French Apple store staff walkout on iPhone 5 debut

Staff at Apple Inc's French stores voted to strike over working conditions on Friday, the day when the iPhone 5 is presented to the public.